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Ask NES Repair Questions

To help our customers understand their options to get their NES systems back up and running, we will monitor and answer questions left on this blog. Let us know what symptoms you are experiencing, and what you have done to fix your NES system thus far, and our professional repair staff will respond with their advice. To get things started, some common symptoms that are easy to diagnose are the following:

Symptom: TV screen flashes between a solid color and black.
Solution: Your 72 pin NES connector pins are worn out, and bent back. You should replace the 72 pin NES connector so it makes proper contact with your NES games.

Symptom: TV screen is a solid color, but does not flash.
Solution: Your NES games are likely dirty and need to be cleaned. You should clean your NES games to remove dirt and grime that is preventing a proper connection with the NES 72 pin connector.

Symptom: NES power light does not come on.
Solution: You have one of two issues. Either your NES AC Adapter is bad, or your internal power supply is bad. Always test the AC Adapter (either with a multimeter, or by purchasing a replacement NES AC Adapter) to rule that out. If that does not work, you will need to replace your NES system.

Of course, these are just a starting point. If you have other questions, post them here and check back often. We will try to respond to all questions within 24 hours. Thanks!


NDSL Turns off when moving lid (10/5/2010 9/21/2014 12:19:00 PM)
Hi I got my Kid a new NDSL, however after playing for a few hours, we noticed that whenever he moves the lid forth and back the console goes off and won't turn on before a few minutes or before moving the lid a few more times.. I am suspecting the top screen contacts.. based on your experience, what this might be? Thanks

Mike - Ontario/Canada
NDSL RE: Turns off when moving lid (10/6/2010 9/21/2014 12:21:00 AM)
So, this is actually a blog post for NES repair questions, but you probably have a pinched DS Lite Top LCD cable. Using the search box in the upper right hand corner, search for DS Lite Repair Service. That product page will have all the details on your options.

Nintendo Repair Shop - NC
NES Top Loader loses video (10/13/2010 9/21/2014 7:54:00 PM)
Games play fine, but after about a hour video starts to flicker then goes out for about 2 minutes. Gets worse as system is left on.

Eric - Springport, Michigan
top screen (10/14/2010 9/21/2014 12:35:00 PM)
my son isnt getting and power to the top screen tollaly black bottom screen ok

elaine - england uk
RE: NES Top Loader loses video (10/14/2010 9/21/2014 3:56:00 PM)
Sounds like an overheating problem to me Eric. You could try to open the NES system up to see if you can remove any dust bunnies, etc that might be causing the issue. Otherwise, I'd say that system is likely on its last legs. They do actually die eventually unfortunately. Good thing we have replacements that have already been refurbished. Search for NES system for details.

Nintendo Repair Shop - NC
re: top screen (10/14/2010 9/21/2014 3:58:00 PM)
Elaine, It sounds like you have a short in one of the ribbon cables connecting your LCD screens to the motherboard. I assume this is either a DS or DS Lite? If so, search for DS Lite Repair Service on our site to place an order for our mail-in repair service. We can fix this for you.

Nintendo Repair Shop - NC
very low audio (10/22/2010 9/21/2014 11:16:00 PM)
I installed a new 72-pin and now the video comes in most of the time but i'm getting very low audio...i tried it on 2 nes's with the same result. Any ideas?

B - cali
One game out of 20 dont work (10/30/2010 9/21/2014 2:57:00 AM)
My console itself works great. However I have one game that just wont work. It flashes mostly or when it does come on its all distorted really bad. Tried cleaning game out and few other tricks but nothing works. Is it just a bad game or what?

Jenny - Washington
Solid Color Screen (11/4/2010 9/21/2014 8:12:00 PM)
My NES plays fine but on most and maybe all the games it first comes up with a solid gray screen. After I move the game left or right it comes on. Someone told me to clean the games with rubbing alcohol. I cleaned one and it did the same thing but sometimes it will have the picture but all jumbled up. What should I do?

E - United States
Controllers don't work? (11/12/2010 9/21/2014 2:00:00 AM)
Hi I have a SNES that works great, turns on ok, everything. Except the controllers aren't working. Do you think it is a problem with the controllers, or a problem with the system?

katie - Texas, USA
Re: very low audio (10/22/2010 11:16:00 PM) (11/26/2010 9/21/2014 2:33:00 PM)
B, I would try switching to an RF Switch if you are using AV Cables, or vice-versa. Sometimes the audio cards go bad over time, but it could also be that you have corrosion built up on the contacts (input ports) on the back of the system for either the AV cables or RF Switch.

Nintendo Repair Shop - NC
Re: One game out of 20 dont work (11/26/2010 9/21/2014 2:35:00 PM)
Jenny, I would buy our Nintendo Game Cleaning kit, so you can actually open up your Nintendo games and take a good look at those contacts. Typically with your symptoms there is just some bad corrosion that has built up that rubbing alcohol won't remove. Fortunately our kit comes with special cleaner, and by opening the games you can put the pressure you need on the contacts to scrub them clean.

Nintendo Repair Shop - NC
Re: Solid Color Screen (11/26/2010 9/21/2014 2:38:00 PM)
E, Your symptoms indicate that you have not yet tried to replace the 72 pin connector, or if you have you got a low quality connector. I would try using one of our connectors and our free online NES repair guide to replace the 72 pin connector in your system. If you get the NES Total Repair Kit, it will come with a new 72 pin connector and all the game cleaning supplies to professionally clean your games as well. This will all but guarantee you can get it working properly.

Nintendo Repair Shop - NC
Re: Controllers don't work? (11/26/2010 9/21/2014 2:39:00 PM)
Katie, I would venture to guess that you have an issue with your controller ports or your system motherboard (both system related). If you order our SNES repair service, we can take a look at both of these items and hopefully get it working correctly for you. If we can't get it working, we will credit the cost of repair parts you paid towards a newly refurbished, fully working Super Nintendo System.

Nintendo Repair Shop - NC
Can't Get Games to 'Catch' in console (12/5/2010 9/21/2014 4:23:00 PM)
The games don't load correctly. They don't catch when I push them down into the unit. Is this fixable?

Kimberly - Utah
dropped ds (12/22/2010 9/21/2014 5:59:00 PM)
my son dropped his ds today and it quit working, this is the 4th one i have bought, need to repair this one cant afford not to!

emily - kentucky
vertical lines (1/2/2011 9/21/2014 3:11:00 PM)
When we play the super nintendo maro has vertical lines. Sometimes when we hit the jump the lines jump with him. We have used our cleaning kit and that does not help. These lines are in a few of the other games as well. Is this something that we will have to send in for repair?

Scott Rodgers - west virginia
Touch screen problem (1/12/2011 9/21/2014 6:00:00 PM)
I think I messed up the small ribbon cable from the touch screen to the mother board, do you have these in stock that i can purchase, thanks

David - Louisiana
power botton flashes (1/13/2011 9/21/2014 5:52:00 PM)
Most of the time when I turn on my NES, the red light on the power botton flashes on and off with the tv screen flashing solid white to solid black. This doesn't always happen. Sometimes I can play a game, but the flashing is pretty consistent. What can I do?

Jeff - Fort Worth, TX
SNES (1/16/2011 9/21/2014 11:13:00 AM)
Plug in my SNES and I get a red light for a slight second and then it looses power...It makes my TV flash but then does nothing. It is getting power for that slight second but then it doesnt do anything

Jeff - MA/USA
Re: Can't Get Games to 'Catch' in console (1/20/2011 9/21/2014 9:57:00 PM)
Kimberly, This is a very common 'bug' when attempting to repair your NES system on your own. I have added a new blog article to address this issue, and will add it to our NES Repair Resources page as well. Link to the new blog article is above.

Nintendo Repair Shop Staff - NC
Re: Dropped DS (1/20/2011 9/21/2014 10:26:00 PM)
Emily, Without knowing any of your symptoms, I'd have to say your best bet is to send your system into us for repair. Just search for DS Lite Repair Service in our search box. The cost is $54.99 for all parts and labor (a very good deal compared to just about everyone else - Nintendo charges $75-80).

Nintendo Repair Shop Staff - NC
Re: vertical lines (SNES) (1/20/2011 9/21/2014 10:29:00 PM)
Scott, Unfortunately this is an issue with some SNES systems that we have not been able to fix in the past. Most of the reason why is that SNES parts are no longer produced (not as many out there as SNES). For this reason, you have to scrap a working system to get parts for repair, so it is just more cost effective (not to mention logical) to 'fix it' by replacing it with a working system. At some point that may change, but the market dictates this as our only option at this point.

Nintendo Repair Shop Staff - NC
Re: Touch screen problem (1/20/2011 9/21/2014 10:31:00 PM)
David, Yes, we do have replacement touch screen cables in stock for the DS Lite. However, they are attached to replacement DS Lite touch screens. That is the only way they come, so in order to replace that cable, you'll have to get a whole new touch screen. Fortunately, we sell these and other DS Lite repair parts on the cheap. After all, we are the Nintendo Repair Shop. Search for DS Lite touch screen using our search box in the upper right hand corner.

Nintendo Repair Shop Staff - NC
Re: power botton flashes (1/22/2011 9/21/2014 2:14:00 AM)
Jeff, I actually get questions about the blinking/flashing red light and a solid colored screen on the NES all the time. So, I wrote a new blog article to help you solve your issue, check it out on our blog page.

Nintendo Repair Shop Staff - NC
Re: SNES (1/23/2011 9/21/2014 10:55:00 PM)
Jeff, Unfortunately as SNES parts are no longer manufactured, you are best off going with a replacement system at this point. The original Nintendo was more popular, which is one of the reasons why parts are still manufactured for this system when they are not for the Super Nintendo.

Nintendo Repair Shop Staff - NC
8 bit is humming (1/30/2011 9/21/2014 8:21:00 PM)
I get background humming on my 8 bit NES. It sounds like interference but is on any TV i use for all my games. Anyone else get this...other audio is fine. I switched AV cables to no avail as well.

Matt - IL
nintendo ds lite (2/3/2011 9/21/2014 12:00:00 PM)
we have 3 ds lite and none of them will play the games we have. thet will do everything but play the games. can you give me some idea what to look for to repair them,

william - michigan
NES problem ( maybe power supply ) (2/6/2011 9/21/2014 6:04:00 AM)
Hello, I have just repaired my NES with your total repair kit and cleaned my games and the system works great but i encounter a problem : after playing a little time the NES console doesn't stop rebooting on any games and sometimes the red light just turn off and i can't start the console again. The problem appears after a little time of playing ( approximately 30 minutes ) and if i wait, i can restart playing for 30 minutes without rebooting but no more long.

Maxime - France
NES : Stripes + Sound Interference (2/9/2011 9/21/2014 12:19:00 PM)
Hi, when i play on my NES, stripes appear after a little time of play. These stripes change the color on the screen and when there are these stripes, i have a sound interference, a buzz. These stripes moves along the screen and appear and disappear randomly. Is it due to oxydation ( but my games are clean and my connector is new ), or other thing ?

Maxime - France
Just replaced 72 pin connector... (2/9/2011 9/21/2014 10:06:00 PM)
I just replaced the 72 pin connector in my NES. I attempted playing a game, but any game I try ends up putting a double picture of the game on the screen. Help?! Please.

Caitlin - Missouri
NES: Freezing (2/16/2011 9/21/2014 11:08:00 AM)
I have replaced the 72 pin connector. Here's the problem. I put a NES game in and turn on the system. The game will load at the title screen then it freezes. I have tried testing the AC adapter and that works great. One friend said it might be a capacitor that is failing. Any clue on why this is happening to my NES? If so how can I fix it.

William - Ohio
NES 72 pin connector (2/17/2011 9/21/2014 12:44:00 PM)
i bought your 72. pin cannector followed the video, cleaned my games, tried it, and still the blinking red light and a black an white flashing screen. whats goin on here? why is it not working? and now what do i try to do?

Dennis - PA
Re: 8 bit is humming (1/30/2011 8:21:00 PM) (2/19/2011 9/21/2014 11:22:00 AM)
Matt, This is typically due to the power supply believe it or not. Some power supplies put out more or less voltage than indicated (typically because they are faulty), which can cause this buzzing noise. I would start by replacing the power supply.

Nintendo Repair Shop Staff - NC
Re: nintendo ds lite (2/3/2011 12:00:00 PM) (2/19/2011 9/21/2014 11:24:00 AM)
William, You may have a dirty game. It is odd that all three aren't working. I would take a cloth and try cleaning the game contacts.

Nintendo Repair Shop Staff - NC
Re: NES problem ( maybe power supply ) (2/6/2011 6:04:00 AM) (2/19/2011 9/21/2014 11:26:00 AM)
Maxime, Your system is overheating. It very well could have something to do with the adapter or power convertor (assuming you are playing a US version in France). I would also open up the system and clear out any dust balls that have accumulated as this can improve overheating symptoms.

Nintendo Repair Shop Staff - NC
Re: Just replaced 72 pin connector... (2/9/2011 10:06:00 PM) (2/19/2011 9/21/2014 11:29:00 AM)
Caitlin, Some systems have bad video processors that cause distortion. This is just a symptom of getting old unfortunately. It is still relatively uncommon (less than 5%), but when it happens the cost to repair it far outweighs the cost of getting a replacement. I would recommend going that route. We offer console only replacement systems (assuming you have the other accessories) for only $49.99

Nintendo Repair Shop Staff - NC
Jumbled Screen (3/4/2011 9/21/2014 3:23:00 PM)
I replaced the 72 pin connector and for about a week the system worked great. But now every game comes on (no blinking light) but the picture is jumbled. The sound is fine, just distorted images. Any advice?

Greg - North Carolina
Ds lite (3/6/2011 9/21/2014 12:22:00 PM)
I have a DS lite. When I'm playing a game it don't move to the right side unless u press really hard then it will. What can I do to fix this or how much will it cost if I take it in to get fixed

Steven - Albuquerque nm
dsi xl (3/31/2011 9/21/2014 3:52:00 PM)
dose the dsi lowerr lcd screen work on the dsi xl model

dov - israel
SNES Video Problems (4/17/2011 9/21/2014 12:28:00 AM)
My Super Nintendo seems to not work with any Mode7 or FX Chip games such as Star Fox, Super Mario Kart, and specific graphics in games like Contra III. I was wondering if cleaning the pins and carts would help. I have a feeling that the SNES Console is the source of all these problems, since the video difficulties span over many games. So, will cleaning work or do I need to replace something?

Nicky - Miami, FL
nintendo ds lite (4/24/2011 9/21/2014 9:40:00 PM)
hi my friend gave me a nds lite the green light gos on but the screens wont go on whats the problem

antonio - new zealand
ds lite upper lid and screen problem (4/27/2011 9/21/2014 9:10:00 PM)
Recently replaced the upper shell, upper lcd and barrel hinge. I ordered these parts from Nintendo Repair shop and worked along with your repair video. Great parts and great video. Worked great for 2 weeks.Now when the shell is open , it powers off if it gets less than 90 degrees closed and upper lcd only works in 1 position while open, any movement of upper shell creates various issues depending position of upper shell. Issues are as follows: all the way open = blank screen other positions = vertical lines, partial screen, or powering off. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Bobby - Ia USA
NES single light flash (4/28/2011 9/21/2014 10:15:00 PM)
I recently received an old NES from my cousin with no games. I got one from a thrift store, but couldn't get it to work. The light would flash quickly just once most of the time and do the same, but stay dimly lit, part of the time. Usually, after a few seconds, the dim light would go out. With no game in it, the light would blink like it should only about 1/2 of the time. Often, it would stop blinking after a few seconds. Nothing ever showed up on the screen. I replaced the 72-pin connector and cleaned all the contacts- on the console and the game. Since I already had it opened, I also disabled the lockout chip. It acted like it did before with a game in, but the light would stay on much more often than before without a game. I got a second game off of eBay that was supposed to be tested and working. It made no difference. My cousin said that he was able to get the system to work most of the time with his games. Is the system just dying?

Thomas - Idaho
NES Problem/s (5/4/2011 9/21/2014 8:52:00 PM)
(I have a working system and a spare deck that does not work, so i know the power supply, and accessories, carts all work) My back up deck however when i push power, I hear a sound through the tv that fires off in time with the click of the button, half second or so. I see a "flash" as well, then screen stays black. The LED/power light does not come on. (So no clue if i t is blinking or not) I've tried cleaning and refurbing the 72 pins. I pulled the power on button/reset and card and put it in the working system. It will power that deck on and light does not work. So thats just one problem and minor. Not sure where to look next or if this nes deck is dead.

Mark - Canada
nintendo DSi (5/14/2011 9/21/2014 10:37:00 PM)
i got an dsi and i charged it after i charged it i clicked on a game and it was loading but after i did that the screen turned off and the light still was on

miranda - , canada
NES still freezes (6/3/2011 9/21/2014 1:03:00 PM)
I bought a new 72pin connector and disabled the lockout chip. I still have games with absolutely no oxidation freezing. I even cleaned the mobo contacts. Help!

Martin - New Jersey
Game Genie (6/6/2011 9/21/2014 3:35:00 PM)
Hey there, I recently repaired my NES with the kit you supply, and it works amazing. However, i'm worried to use my Game Genie - i've read that it can damage the 72-pin connector.. Do you know if this is true? Are there any ways around this, or is the best bet to have a spare 72pin if i'm going to use the GG? Thanks a lot!

Andrew - Canada
replaced 72 pin (6/25/2011 9/21/2014 4:52:00 PM)
I replaced the 72 pin I bought from you and game cleaning kit. My nes still comes up with a blinking gray screen. what should I do next?

shane - iowa
Ds-Lite Bottom Screen (6/29/2011 9/21/2014 2:01:00 PM)
When I touch my bottom screen on my Ds-lite it doesn't work. But when I use the buttons, it works. Can you please help me?

Brittany - New York
Buying a NES (7/4/2011 9/21/2014 1:43:00 AM)
Hi im from Australia so if i buy one of your nes's you have on sale will the power adapter work in australia thanks heaps.

Brad - Australia
DS Lite Save Data Problem (8/1/2011 9/21/2014 7:29:00 PM)
Hi I'm repairing a system for someone and the DS keeps saying "save data can not be accessed turn off power and reinsert game card". My question is will replacing the DS cartridge slot fix this problem or is it an internal memory issue in the motherboard? I've repaired a lot of systems but I've never seen this problem before..

April - OH
no color with static (8/21/2011 9/21/2014 12:53:00 AM)
my new super mario bros game has been working fine but all of a sudden there was no color with static sounds

Joe - New Jersey
vertical lines on nes games (9/1/2011 9/21/2014 7:10:00 AM)
Whenever I play my nes games, there are vertical lines going through any of the moving characters of the game. I have already taken apart and cleaned the game contacts, I have already installed a new 72 pin connector, and I have already cleaned the contacts on the motherboard. I did notice while I was cleaning the motherboard contacts that there was scratches on the contacts. Is it possible that I might have a bad motherboard? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

William - IN, United States
How to connect (9/13/2011 9/21/2014 9:09:00 AM)
I 'just found a nintendo nes system in my basement that belonged to my sister. I don't know how to connect it to my TV. Can someone help me. It appears to be in mint condition.

Juanita - USA
Transparent spots in objects (9/13/2011 9/21/2014 7:08:00 PM)
I have a original nes system and when I am playing games like adventure Island 2 there are transparent spots in the objects that seem to flicker and go away. I don't notice this problem when I use my clone system. Does anybody know what the problem is ? thanks

Roger - Canada
transparent spots in objects update (9/14/2011 9/21/2014 11:18:00 PM)
I tried another nes still a front loader and I still have this problem. No sure why the clone displays better. thanks

Roger - Canada
my nes doesn't turn on (9/22/2011 9/21/2014 5:00:00 AM)
Hello everyone , my name is Kyriakos and I'm from Greece. Since I got a problem with my nes I thought you would be the best to ask. I bought a nes console from an american seller on ebay 10 days ago and although it played perfectly the first 5 minutes, it closed suddenly and from that moment didn't turn on again. I can't imagine the reason . Can the console burnt somehow ? I mean is this possible because I used a voltage converter too with the adaptor in order to convert the voltage from american standards to greek one's. I'm ready to buy a european adapter suitable for nes that I found on internet and a 72 pin connector but I'm not sure if this will come up to a sollution.I'm very sad with this development and I would be thankfull if you have an answer to my problem .thank you from hearing.Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Bye!

Kyriakos - Greece
Color Problem (10/9/2011 9/21/2014 5:03:00 PM)
Hey, I've gotta problem with my NES, it turns almost every person in any game I play, black. It turns them black. This is no joke, I swear. I need help. Please respond.

John - Tennessee
Nintendo NES reboots (10/13/2011 9/21/2014 7:11:00 PM)
I have a console that when you power it on it comes to the first screen then it reboots over and over. does not matter what game is in the system it will not boot any games just reboots all the time. Please help in a direction

Mike - Idaho
dswont turn on (10/16/2011 9/21/2014 2:29:00 PM)
ive just replaced the touch screen on my ds lite and now the green light flashes for a short while but the ds doesnt turn on. The ds was working fine before I changed the touch screen, ive even put the old touch screen back in to see if its the new one that could be faulty, but the problem persists, I dont know what it could be, ive checked to see if there is anything obvious but it looks fine inside. It must be something ive done, but what???, any hints would be appreciated

trevor - UK
NES Woes (10/18/2011 9/21/2014 9:09:00 PM)
Thought this would be the right site to ask this question. Which chip on the NES board begins to fail most often with age? Asking this cause I have 2 NES mobo boards that games freeze up on, but only after their on for some time. New 72 pin connecter, disabled lockout chips and freshly cleaned games. I'm prob going to buy a new mobo from you and swap chip by chip out of curiosity.

Martin - New Jersey
Touch Screen (10/20/2011 9/21/2014 9:42:00 PM)
I am having problems with my touch screen. I have replaced it but the screen does not show properly. The lettering is not sharp and hard to read.

Cristian - Canada
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out problem (10/21/2011 9/21/2014 6:52:00 PM)
I just bought a retron 1 nes system and mike tyson's punch out from Amazon. I put it all together and the game glitched very badly. cleaned it out, but the start up screen and cut scene's are all jumpy and scrolls down in a loop. When you are able to play it looks great...any thoughts on how to fix this?

Joe - MN
touch screen wont work :( (10/24/2011 9/21/2014 2:05:00 PM)
my touch screen wont work at all. it wont respond and now i can only play one of my games!

suzie - ohio
Auto-Down (11/1/2011 9/21/2014 1:49:00 PM)
I have a system which auto-fires down, but only when a controller (tried multiples) is connected. For example, in Mario/Duck Hunt the screen will immediately show as selecting Duck Hunt. Have you ever seen one do this before? I tried cleaning the contacts on the ports, but I'm stumped beyond that.

John - ohio
Charger port (11/11/2011 9/21/2014 3:07:00 AM)
My daughters ds lite wouldn't charge and when we looked at the port we could see a prong sticking out. My son tried to "fix it" and ended up with a small piece of inside the port falling out. Is it fixable at all or should I junk it? It works perfectly when it can charge.

Erin - Oregon, USA
color problem (11/13/2011 9/21/2014 8:32:00 AM)
Mine is even worse the whole screen is white (cant touch or anything ) Does it have to do something with the action replay

wilson - Taxes U.S.A
Original Gameboy sound problem (11/17/2011 9/21/2014 2:28:00 PM)
It plays games and works just fine, but at the Nintendo logo screen it makes a high pitched version of the normal sound, just drawn out. The in-game music and sounds are just slightly off as well. I haven't tried anything yet as I just got a tri-wing screwdriver to open it up

Nick - Ohio, U.S.A.
dsi switch screen problem (11/20/2011 9/21/2014 4:53:00 PM)
hi so my son threw my dsi across the room and shattered the bottom screen (it looked like a cell phone thats been stomped on) so my husband took my sons dsi's bottom screen and stuck it in mine but the screen is black now 0.0! we figured they would be compatible... i mean they are both dsi's. so is there some trick? or are certain dsi's not work together? emailing me would be a great help :)

kristi - Wa, usa
FROZEN DSI (11/28/2011 9/21/2014 8:10:00 PM)
HI there my daughter has a nintendo dsi and it is only 6 months old. she dropped it on the floor now it the screen is remaining white and the power button wont turn off or on. is this fixable? its like it is frozen.

lauren - vic, australai
NES fix (12/4/2011 9/21/2014 10:56:00 PM)
Hello, my NES-001 operates perfectly except for 1 problem. The video is black, white, and grey.

Hayden - United States
Fuzzy grey picture and bad sound (12/15/2011 9/21/2014 10:56:00 PM)
I have installed the new connector. The tab on the game slot underneath I believe what you're talking about is the bit of black plastic that extends a little right by the area where the white piece pops out when you press if down, right? I had I hard time getting it to lock into place, but I believe it's in place now. I have most of the screws holding the guts together before I put it all together I retested it. Now what it does, it has a really really fuzzy grey picture and really bad sound to sound at all. I have cleaned the game and have tried multiple games withe same things happening. I am using a new rf switch that isn't the grey one, but a black universal one. Could that rf switch be bad, could the mother board have a problem, could that little grey metal box at the back where the cords plug in have an issue inside? What are your thoughts?

Dale - Kansas city missouri
DSi top LCD (12/21/2011 9/21/2014 7:26:00 PM)
I just replaced the top LCD and all I get is the backlight. Everything else works. Can play games and all. Any Suggestions?

Steve - Georgia
My DSi Screen Won't Turn on (12/26/2011 9/21/2014 2:25:00 PM)
Whenever I turn on my DSi, the little blue light turns on, but the screen stays black. I know that it is fully charged I don't know what to do. Could you help?

Sarah - UT/USA
DSi XL Top screen half white half color lines (1/2/2012 9/21/2014 7:03:00 PM)
i use my dsi xl through out the day to talk through yahoo messenger on, and when i went to turn it off after it had been sitting on and closed for a couple of hours, the top screen is half white and the other half has various color lines going up and down... can i just replace the screen or is there more to be repaired? the bottom screen works fine as do both of the cameras and the speakers... it may have been sat on... so im thinking it got slightly bent if it had been sat on... i opened up the unit, both top and bottom and didnt see anything cracked or damaged... any suggestions? thank you

Janna - Texas
DS turns on and off by itself (1/6/2012 9/21/2014 9:42:00 AM)
My DS turns on and off by itself even when I am playing on it, Could you please tell me what is wrong?

George - USA
JUMBLED SCREEN (1/10/2012 9/21/2014 6:20:00 PM)
I recently got a NES system off ebay and when ever I hook it up using AUX cables to my HD Panasonic TV the picture shows up all jumbled but the sound is good. The ad said they replaced the 72 pin. I'm convinced its the system because when I hook up my N64 it works fine. Any suggestions?

alan - california
Power Problem (1/11/2012 9/21/2014 10:28:00 PM)
My NES has always worked perfectly. I have come across the flashing light here and there, but when using my game genie it starts up with one push of the button. However lately while playing the system shuts itself off completely. The red light shuts off, so its not the common blinking problem. It will happen at all different times. At times I can play for three hours without a problem, other times two minutes. If i dont touch the power button after it shut off, it attempts to start back up, but usually fails. Is this a fixable problem or is it toast.

kevin - illinois
NES-101 Pin Connector Cleaning (3/14/2012 9/21/2014 3:53:00 PM)
Any suggesions on how to clean the pin connectors of the NES-101?

Aaron - PA
NDS XL WON'T READ CARD GAMES (3/17/2012 9/21/2014 5:04:00 PM)

My dsi broke in half what should i do ?how can i fix it?where can i go to have it fixed? (3/18/2012 9/21/2014 3:02:00 PM)
Hi,my dsi broke in half and had my dsi for about 3 years now and its broken in half can i send it to nintendo to fix it?where can i go to fix it?how can i fix it on my own?my parents don't know its broken and if they know they'll freak out.

gloria - canada
NES flashing light problem. I have a new 72pin and newly rinsed cartrigdes. (3/30/2012 9/21/2014 3:24:00 PM)
Hey, I have sadly the famous NES flashing light problem, but I recently bought a new 72pin and I also newly rinsed the cartridges. Is there any other way that this problem may have occured? And in that case, how do I fix it?

Jon - Norway
ds lite won't turn on (4/22/2012 9/21/2014 11:59:00 AM)
my ds lite won't turn on because the right half corner of the top screen is coming off, and when we try to turn it on it keeps on turning off. we charge it but that doesn't work. Can you fix it please?

Claudia - california
Black Bar (4/26/2012 9/21/2014 8:14:00 AM)
I get a black bar running vertical just left of center. I just put in new 72pin connector and clean games.

James - WI
Black Screen (4/26/2012 9/21/2014 8:15:00 AM)
On Zelda and Final fantasy, have cleaned games, but still get black bar...also have new 72pin connector

James - WI
NES gray/black/white screen stripes & buzz sound (5/5/2012 9/21/2014 9:49:00 AM)
I bought an NES off a guy on Craig's list that said that it sometimes worked and sometimes didn't. I took it apart and cleaned the 72 pin connector. Put it back in and it worked. And I mean the 2 games I have worked instantly with no problems. Later, I bought four NES games that I thought were clean but turned out to be pretty dirty. I put them in the NES when they were dirty and I got a solid gray screen. I tried my 2 clean NES cartridges and they didn’t work either. So, I opened up the NES and cleaned that pin connector again. Put it all back together and tested my 2 clean carts and they worked with a little bit of wiggling and finagling. I cleaned the dirty carts that I bought and with a bunch of finagling/wiggling and turning the power on and off they started to work… except for Megaman 2 and Metroid. Eventually I did get those 2 to work. So, the next day I did a thorough cleaning of all these new games… taking them a part with my security bit/screwdriver (much to my surprise the Metroid needed the screwdriver). The Metroid game had (gasp) blood stains on the plastic cart and on one end of the contacts. One question I have is: Does dried blood on a game’s leads cause a problem with the pin connector? Continuing on… I proceeded to clean the 72 pin connector again using a clean t shirt and rubbing alcohol… I saw this technique on a video on youtube. You insert the shirt into a spare credit card and get the alcohol on it then insert this into the slots where the games go in on the pin connector… I also did it on the part that inserts into the NES mother board. Well, inadvertently a bit of my shirt pulled one of the pins on the slot for the games. The pin looks like it’s a 2 prong fork for each of these pins and it was only one of the prongs of the fork. It was bent across the path where the circuit board plastic for the game would go in. I looked and bent it back so that it would allow the game to go back in and still make contact with the cartridge leads. I put the pin connector back into my NES. I pulled out one of my 2 guaranteed to work games and got a screen that had gray, white and black stripes moving from the top to the bottom of the TV screen (I was using the RF cable) along with a buzzing sound… “nnnnnnnnnnnnnn”. I tried the RCA cables and I pretty much got a gray screen with a little bit of lighter gray stripe moving top to bottom and the same buzzing sound. I then tried all the cleaned games including the ones that I just thoroughly cleaned and got the same thing. I’m hoping that I just killed the 72 pin connector and that I didn’t fry the mother board or break anything. Help!

Duane - California
Repair (5/17/2012 9/21/2014 1:15:00 AM)
All my system dose is the blinking red light, will the kit fix that or do I have to send it in ?

Eric - Colorado
Conector Not Working (5/20/2012 9/21/2014 7:05:00 PM)
I was playing Legend Of Zelda with the Game Genie, and after I was done, my NES wasn't working. I don't know if it was the game pak or system. Please help me!

Angel - New Jersey
NES (5/23/2012 9/21/2014 6:23:00 PM)
My NES started flashing so I bought the new connector for it and it did the exact same thing. But its flashing once it gets to the start screen of a game so I know it is reading the games fine. It starts to play the game and then it restarts about every 2 seconds. Any ideas?

Jacob - Indiana
Solid light blue screen (5/31/2012 9/21/2014 5:50:00 AM)
I recently disabled the 10 nes chip on my nes console to stop the constant resetting but now it just has a solid bluish screen no matter what game i put in.

Brad - Canada
top screen (6/18/2012 9/21/2014 7:38:00 AM)
I got a DS lite and the top screen LED light is not working. :(

Benjamin - Benjamin - Virginia
Nes problem (6/21/2012 9/21/2014 9:07:00 PM)
My nes wont power on. I push the power button on and the red light flashes for maybe a second then goes out. Nothing shows up on the t.v. whats so ever. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Brian - Zanesville, OH
NES screw troubles (6/24/2012 9/21/2014 3:51:00 PM)
Im trying to replace my 72 pin connecter in my NES but i cant get the screws off from the bottom of the system, do i have to buy a gamebit? please help 7 different screwdrivers didn't work!

Ryan - Chicago,IL
numbers (6/28/2012 9/21/2014 12:48:00 PM)
my nintendo sometimes has numbers and letters all over the screen

ryan - nc usa
Game Problem (6/30/2012 9/21/2014 1:09:00 PM)
i bought some games from the UK but im woundering dose the games work here in finland?

Tobias - Finland
Catridge of Games missing little lines/pin connector things? Working or not? (7/8/2012 9/21/2014 7:12:00 PM)
When you open up a NES Game or even just look at a game you can see these little lines where you plug it in at the insert where it meets the 72 bit pin connector.. They are like metal lines or something silverish looking. I have dozens of games with missing lines completely. All you see is that brownish gray blank game board where the lines were supposed to be. Unless they werent supposed to be there? Do some games come without all the pin connecting lines on the insert piece of the cartridge? Which games? I have quite a few. I played one game with missing ones and it glitched and froze on second level. Any input would be great!!

Stacy - Maryland/United States of America
Help (7/8/2012 9/21/2014 8:51:00 PM)
Hi whenever I turn on my NES it goes to a black wavy lined screen and pulses really quickly and the game won't play

John - Kansas
power issue, just one game (7/10/2012 9/21/2014 3:23:00 PM)
Most of my games work fine. I have 1 game that when I put in, the system will not fully power on. The power light is on, but faded. If I change games, everything works fine. The problem game (Gauntlet, if that helps) has already been clean and there are no signs of damage. I'm guessing something is wrong with the game itself. Any ideas on a fix?

Jamie - United States
Top loader rusty switch (7/12/2012 9/21/2014 1:03:00 AM)
hey guys I have an old school top loader with a rusty power switch...other than that she seems fine does anyone know where I can get a replacement switch for an easy solder job?

Eric - California
Black vertical lines (7/22/2012 9/21/2014 5:27:00 PM)
i cleaned my games and system and it was crystal clear yesterday. kung fu and contra played great. i cleaned mario 3 and put it in and it works, but there are black dotted lines all over the screen that move with the game. i tried the other games that were fine and they all do it now and it wont go away. ive tried cleaning the games and system again repeatedly but the dotted lines just wont go away. i bought this system with a new 72 pin and all games i recently put in were cleaned thoroughly. it works petfectly and the image is there, game plays fine-but black broken lines are all over the screen. help!!! :)

Michael - VA/USA
White lines and clicking (7/25/2012 9/21/2014 9:11:00 PM)
When I use NES via RF cable on my LCD TV through analogue channel, the screen has white lines and makes a clicking sound. It works fine through RCA cables on AV.

Graham - UK
NES White Screen Not 72 Pin Connector Issue, I think. (7/25/2012 9/21/2014 10:42:00 PM)
I currently have the solid white screen problem when I turn on the console with a game in it. I have cleaned the contacts on the mainboard, the 72 pin connector and the game cart with brasso metal polish. I also have a brand new 72 pin connector and when I put it in it does the same thing. Solid white screen. Any assistance in this matter would be appreciated.

Jerrad - OHIO
NES White/Gray Screen (8/15/2012 9/21/2014 3:41:00 PM)
Whenever I turn on my NES with a game in it, I get a solid whitish grayish screen. The 72-pin connector is brand new from your shop and none of the 15 games work, so I doubt the problem is they're all dirty. Speedy help would be appreciated, just got >10 games from you guys and want to play them!

Nicholas - Cary, North Carolina
nes (8/15/2012 9/21/2014 5:28:00 PM)
my nes is old and used and it trys to play for about 5 or 6 minutes and it flickers of an on as if it isnt reading right and i got 3 of them and they do the same thing im trying to play super mario

jefferey - colcord wv
snes console problem? (8/20/2012 9/21/2014 6:27:00 PM)
hi, my snes works but when im playing a game and i take out the controller to put another one in the same port the snes goes black and stops working, it happens everytime i take out the controller from its port while the game is in progress, is this normal or what can be wrong? thank you

charbel - canada
Nes Problem (8/21/2012 9/21/2014 2:11:00 PM)
My cat knocked my nes off while I was playing a game. It quit working for a bit then I messed with it and worked fine till a little later when the game was acting weird. Now when I try playing a game it'll load but the screen will jump and be messed up any ideals on how to fix it or if I need to get a different one?

Ashley - USA
NES Graphics glitch followed by game crash (8/22/2012 9/21/2014 3:46:00 PM)
My NES seems to work fine. Sometimes it starts up wtih a white screen but most of the time will run the games after re-inserting the cart a couple of times. Sadly it seems that most games, once they have been running for about 10 minutes, gradually start to glitch. The glitching seems very progressive, the sprites start to jumble and random numbers/letters appear on the screen, until the game is unplayable. Alternatively the game will just freeze after some time and requires a reset. I don't think it's the 72pin connector as that was replaced very recently. What else could be causing this problem? It seems very consistent and happens with almost every one of my games.

Grimpy - UK
Replaced NES pin connector and am still experiencing flashing blue screen (8/23/2012 9/21/2014 10:24:00 PM)
I have recently unpacked my NES I had all throughout college, and it worked for about a month before I started experiencing a flashing blue screen. Despite my efforts to clean it the blue flashing continued, so I replaced the 72 pin connector myself. It worked for about a half hour then started flashing again. So I took it to a Nintendo repair man who replaced the pin connector again. When I got it back home it still isn't moving from the blue flashing screen. I have cleaned all my games, the entire system and motherboard. Any ideas of what else I could do?

Kate - Oklahoma, USA
Blue Screen (8/31/2012 9/21/2014 10:25:00 AM)
Hello I have an NES with a solid blue screen. I'm already at an advanced stage in trouble shooting, so please don't tell me to clean the carts or replace the 72 pin connector. I've tried everything I could find on the internet including, cleaning EVERYTHING, and replacing the 72 pin connector. I've even gone so far as to knock out the 4th pin on the lockout chip. Now instead of a flashing blue screen, I have a solid blue screen. I know the power supply, cart, and RF (and any other simple answer you can think of) are good, because I have tried everything on a working NES. Any ideas?

Kelrik - Miami, Florida
Nes Game problem (9/11/2012 9/21/2014 11:23:00 PM)
with my original nes the game comes up on the screen but when i go to push start it goes black and even when i restart goes black i just have the 1 game right now culd it be the game or the system

Carrie - tennessee
NES RED POWER LIGHT WONT TURN OFF (9/14/2012 9/21/2014 10:47:00 AM)
hi i have a Nes console when i plug the power cord in the red light comes on but the button is not pushed in for the power. so i tried pushing the button in and turning the system on and resting it but it just keeps flashing. if you turn the power button off it is still on flashing. only why to cut the console off is to unplug the power any idea why its doing this?

Tony - Ga
Different color plattee displayed on my NES (9/26/2012 9/21/2014 8:52:00 PM)
I just put in a new tray and 72 pin in a NES and when I went to test it with Super mario brothers, the color Platte is off. The sky is lavender, and mario looks like a photo negative. any way to fix?

sage - Minneapolis, MN
NES Toploader (9/28/2012 9/21/2014 1:42:00 PM)
Some screens in game look fine and others are super messed up. Ex: final fantasy - main menu and character creation look fine but in game the whole thing looks like an orange and black photo negative.

Dave - Canada
NES (9/28/2012 9/21/2014 8:46:00 PM)
I just put in a new 72-pin connector in my NES hoping it would solve my problem but it didn't.. Whenever I turn it on the game will show up on the screen for about 2 seconds then the TV just goes black.

Patrick - Colorado, USA
SNES (9/30/2012 9/21/2014 1:56:00 PM)
I just started using my SNES again after about 6-7 years and i know that my controllers are old and stuff, but when i try to play my Super Mario Kart game it stays stuck on the Nintendo screen that pops up right away. I don't know what to do or how to fix this. i've trired it with THREE different mario kart games and they all do the same thing. All of my other games work fine. so what could be wrong?

Tiana - Minnesota
My DSi's time and date won't change (10/8/2012 9/21/2014 12:37:00 PM)
I can change the time and date, but it always stays the same and won't move. Sometimes it starts to move again, but now it won't move. Before this started, I noticed that thhe time changed very fast... I don't know what to do any more.

Jashley - USA Virginia
NINTENDO NES (10/9/2012 9/21/2014 5:44:00 PM)
My nintendo comes on fine with no game in it and blinks red like it should. when i install a game the red light just goes off. I have tried multiple games and i get the same result. ive already replaced the 72 pin and it is still doing it. i am lost and dont know what to do. Please help!!

Rusty - TX
NES will not turn off. Power light Blinks (10/16/2012 9/21/2014 8:24:00 PM)
I have the exact same issue as the "NES RED POWER LIGHT WONT TURN OFF" post above (which has yet to be answered). I have replaced the power switch assembly and it still has this problem. No matter if the power switch is in (on) or out (off), the power light continues to blink. I can get it to play games only by holding in the reset switch (so that power is essentially off) and placing the game in then releasing the reset switch. The only way to turn it off is to unplug the power cable. Is there any way to fix this?

Brian - WA/USA
help (11/12/2012 9/21/2014 11:43:00 PM)
my nes will play for about 2 mins fine and then start blinking. at first i thought it was the game so i tried a different one and the same thing happened. what can i do to fix this problem?

chris - kentucky
nintendo ds lite (11/18/2012 9/21/2014 1:29:00 PM)
my ds lite is only reading the gameboy games and not the little chip games but this just started happening. do you know what this might be?

sarah - new york
nintendo 3ds (11/19/2012 9/21/2014 1:07:00 AM)
My 3ds fell in some water and will not work after I dried it in some rice. The charging light came on but it will not power up. Would the repair shop be able to repair it?

Debbie - Oregon
Fixing the Ol' NES (11/20/2012 9/21/2014 1:37:00 AM)
So I thought I'd get my old NES up and running again after hearing my dad talk about buying one of the multigame console knock offs. Problem is it doesn't seem to want to work with me. At first it didn't want to power on. After opening her up and making sure everything was snug she finally would power on. Now I seem to have several other symptoms. 1. I turn it on and the red light flashes and the screen flashes purple to black. 2. Sometimes the game doesn't seem to register at all and the red light is out. With a few games the screen is black with rather large white horizontal static lines running from bottom to top. I don't know if the games I've tried work or not as they belong to a neighbor who hasn't played them in just as many years as I've played with the NES. The system is running off of a AC adapter with similar specs as a NES adapter. I'm running the system to the tv with an RCA cable, and the interior seems to be in very good condition considering the neglect of not being played for a decade. I'm afraid the internal power supply is shot but I'd like to get an opinion before putting her down. Any help would be much appreciated.

Michael - Georgia
Game Genie (11/26/2012 9/21/2014 10:39:00 AM)
When I play games with the Game Genie, my NES works fine. When I try to use a Game Genie, I get a flashing red light on the console and flashing blue screen on the tv.

Jay - MD
Game Genie (11/26/2012 9/21/2014 10:41:00 AM)
CORRECTION: When I play games WITHOUT the Game Genie, my NES works fine. When I try to use a Game Genie, I get a flashing red light on the console and flashing blue screen on the tv.

Jay - MD
Sound goes in and out on my NES (11/28/2012 9/21/2014 12:37:00 AM)
Got my NES up and running but the sound randomly goes in and out. I have used this before with no major problems.The only difference Neo is that I'm using a 12v 750ma adapter instead of the 9v 850ma one (can't find the original one). Any ideas?

Sheena - Fl, USA
New 72 bit but doesn't worm (12/25/2012 9/21/2014 2:21:00 AM)
I just bought an nes and it costed me about 50 bucks and came with a few games that are good. 72 pin was in bad shape so I thought hey, why not replace it. Of course I wait about 5 months after I buy the system to replace it and it still does not work. Whats wrong with the nes?I know it's not the games Cause I've tried them one other systems and they works fine.

Oli - Colorado
Distorted screen at start-up : NOT solid color (12/27/2012 9/21/2014 10:44:00 AM)
Hi, when I put any game in my console and turn it on, the music comes on and I can see about half of the animations, the other portion is distorted. It also says "123456789abcdef" in a few random spots between the spots where I can see the animations. I have dusted the console with canned air and cleaned with q-tip and alcohol. Any suggestions? Just got this for Christmas and really want it to work!!

Erin - Texas, USA
NES (12/28/2012 9/21/2014 10:06:00 PM)
Can you use the cleaning paste & rinse on the place where the mother board and the 72 pin connector meet to make it a cleaner conection ? Oh and great website, it helps alot.

Christopher - USA, NY
Game Distortion (12/29/2012 9/21/2014 10:02:00 PM)
I bought a copy of Zelda from a shop tonight and when I got it home the game seems to be working but the picture is distorted and the works are gibberish e.g Push Stqrt Rutton instead of push start button. I can get the game to play but there is black covering paths and the screen is distorted Any ideas. I tried cleaning it with alcohol and it seemed as if it was already cleaned.

James - Canada
games will not go into the 3ds (1/1/2013 9/21/2014 3:10:00 PM)
My son has a3DS and the games will not go in theyll go in a little bit but dosnt click and he cant play any of the games is there something i can do about it

Jessica - Connecticut
Nes screen flickering (1/7/2013 9/21/2014 9:55:00 PM)
When I turn my nes on all that happens is the screen starts to flicker a bunch of different colours how do I fix this?

Nolan - Canada
My NES plays slowly?! (1/12/2013 9/21/2014 1:16:00 PM)
I've got Castlevania 2 and 3, they both load up with no flickering or anything like that. But they play at what feels like half the rate they should, both the gameplay and music alike are suffering from this and it's really frustrating :/ and help would be greatly appreciated

Matt - UK
(addition) My NES play slowly?! (1/12/2013 9/21/2014 1:35:00 PM)
What might be useful to note is that I just tried out Super Mario Bros 3 and it appears to play at totally normal speed, which is really confusing me :S

Matt - UK
kirbys adventure (1/14/2013 9/21/2014 7:02:00 AM)
When i paly this game it has lines on the screen, i can play the game but they are annoying.

B - US
nes games not working properly (1/22/2013 9/21/2014 1:47:00 AM)
Ok so I replaced my nes 72 pin connector with a brand new one. I tested it out and my games play fine. But now comes a problem. I recently bought the game Crystalis and once the title screen starts I'm not able to the continue option. It's like the game is frozen in place. The arrow indicating I can choose to continue seems to go from flashing to solid. The screen also seems to "spread" a bit and sort of stay solid if that makes any sense. All I can do is hit start and then the game starts. Ok, so as I play the game right off the back there's nothing I can do in the menu. No items show up and I can't move around or anything. The game is like Zelda so you right away gotta use your items to live. It's like its glitching but not in a distorted way. Items I buy or earn are missing. Vanished it seems. I picked random nes games and here's some more similar problems. In Kid Icarus at the start screen I can't select the password option. I move the d-pad and all I hear are little chimes that the game makes. They indicate me selecting something except that I can't! This also happened in Zelda 1&2. I can't move around in the saved games menue to select different quests. I can't play anything but the first game save slot. In double dragon the title screen shows up and it plays like normal but I can't hit start to change it. I hit reset and it automatically goes to the player select screen. On the select screen I can't move to different options. I can only hit start for player one type a. Just so you know, I went back and re-installed the old pin connector and the same thing happened when playing Crystalis. I'm not sure if I did something wrong or if its the games. I cleaned them before I tested them.

schuyler - usa
I HAVE A PROBLEM (1/27/2013 9/21/2014 4:02:00 PM)
I have the pokemon crystal cartdrige for GBC, when I turn on my gameboy, it only shows the Gameboy white screen and the nintendo logo cames out but it has 2 bars, one up and the other one down... can it be fixed?

Enrique - Mexico
Fuzzy after 30 min (1/30/2013 9/21/2014 4:32:00 PM)
Hey guys, question. After playing my NES for ~20-30 minutes, the picture slowly starts to degrade. its basically the "snow" creeping in until the whole screen is illegible. I've tested across multiple games, same issue. I recently replaced my 72-pin with one from you guys. Is this an overheating issue? Thanks. -John

John - Alaska, USA
Improve the image quality on LCD TV Nintendo NES (2/2/2013 9/21/2014 8:23:00 PM)
Hello ... I have to do to improve the image of the Nintendo NES in a lcd tv?

wadid - florida
sound/picture interference (2/6/2013 9/21/2014 6:02:00 PM)
Recently replaced 72-pin connector and cleaned all games. When inserting game and turning on power, there is "static" noise interference and some picture distortion. What should I try to fix this issue?

Crystal - Virginia
Touch screen (2/9/2013 9/21/2014 1:02:00 PM)
When I was drawing on flipnote studio for flipnote hatena, my dsi xl froze. So then I pressed the power button and when it came back on the touch screen wouldn't touch in the right place. I tried to recalibrate the screen but it didn't work. What do I do?

Rachel - Savannah, Georgia
Nes white screen (2/11/2013 9/21/2014 2:31:00 PM)
I fixed the 72 connector but it keeps giving me a white screen and at times it flashes continuosly. How can I fix this?

Yazmin - Ohio
Gaming Screen (2/17/2013 9/21/2014 10:55:00 AM)
Hey, I pulled out my NES i got from a friend and there's a problem. When I hook it up it looks like everything in the NES works but the gaming screen doesn't. For example if I put in Super Mario the screen is a dull color and it glitches like the screen twitches. On one of my games the screen diddnt even work, just the sound. Is this the NES's problem or what?..I mean if i have to get a "new" NES thats fine but I just wanna see if this one will work. Thanks

Nick - USA, CT
NES can't open to replace pins (2/24/2013 9/21/2014 1:14:00 AM)
I recently got new pins to try and repair my NES but I can't seem to get the actually system open. Any tips on how to get it open without damage?

Jess - Florida
Low Audio Signal (2/25/2013 9/21/2014 2:03:00 PM)
The Nes plays sound, but at a terribly low signal. I plugged in my guitar amp in order to hear it. Would this be the 72 pin connecter wearing out?

Jacob - Illinois, USA
my nintendo dsi xl keeps freezing and making a buzzing sound (2/27/2013 9/21/2014 10:49:00 AM)
my nintendo dsi xl keeps freezing and making a weird loud noise and wheen i try to turn it off it takes about 10 seconds please help it was just in my closet i havenen't played it in about a month

dejesus - summerton,sc
game glitch gremlin (2/28/2013 9/21/2014 9:57:00 PM)
My nes works fine but it keeps glitching out I know its not the game my Megaman 2 keeps displaying Japanese symbols everywhere and misplacing tiles so does my super Mario 3

George - Texas
NES Power Supply (3/6/2013 9/21/2014 8:01:00 PM)
Just wanted to thank you for info on your power supply. A few of my NES games would be black & white on the start screen and have a static noise. After reading here that this could be related to the power supply I unplugged my NES from my Multi outlet and directly into the wall. What do you know color and no static. Thanks.

James - California
NES Power light (3/8/2013 9/21/2014 7:38:00 PM)
Hello, I have the same problem that everyone has been having with their NES, which is that the power light won't turn on. So I cleaned the AC adapter but that didn't work. So I bought a new adapter, same thing. Then I thought maybe just get a retro NES aka non commercial with new cord and cable won't turn on. HELP ME! I just wanna play legend of Zelda with my son

Austin - Florida
Nes game system (3/12/2013 9/21/2014 7:31:00 PM)
Hi I'm Justin and I replaced the 72 bit connector to fix the blinkyness and instead of working it now won't turn on at all

Justin - Nj,bellmawr,us
SNES won't work (3/18/2013 9/21/2014 12:36:00 PM)
My SNES gets power but when I turn it on it just stops at the very first screen and won't go any further.

Chris - Alabama, USA
Power Cutting out (3/20/2013 9/21/2014 8:39:00 PM)
Hey guys, Got a broke down NES recently, opened it up cleaned it up, replaced the 72 pin connector, disabled the 10NES chip and thought I was done. However I seem to be having a power Issue. Occasionally the power just kinda goes out. And when I turn it off (the switch) and back on the light stays off. However if I shift the NES a bit, like to the right, or shake it slightly...then it works again...It wasn't working before I took it apart so I don't know, is this from something I did?

Aerick - MN/USA
Blue Error Code (3/22/2013 9/21/2014 8:29:00 PM)
So I bought this Pokemon Heartgold a while ago, I got pretty far into it then I stopped playing it. I began playing this game again recently but whenever I tried I got an error on a blue screen not enabling me to play. "The save data could not be accessed. Please turn the power off and reinsert the DS Game Card." I have done this many times and am having no luck. I know this is an authentic copy, and it has never been in harm like the washer or dryer. I was wondering if you knew what was wrong with my game. Thanks for your help! Note: This only happens for my Pokemon Heartgold version. My DSi plays my diamond version perfectly fine.

Michael - Alaska
NES (4/5/2013 9/21/2014 11:05:00 PM)
My Nitnendo works, but when I play every game, there are problems. For example, Super Mario 3 loads fine, but I cannot see mario! And Tetris works but no blocks, and Zelda works but I cannot see link, etc...I tried an RF cord and AV cords on the site, same problem!

John - Michigan
3ds (4/6/2013 9/21/2014 11:50:00 AM)
My 3DS power light comes on for about 2 or 3 seconds and then turns off. If I open the screen a little bit then it powers on fine and will stay on but fully open the screen and then it switches off. Any ideas?

Jason - United Kingdom
NES powers on, but no output on TV screen (4/8/2013 9/21/2014 7:26:00 PM)
I have the NES hooked up to the TV via the RF adapter and the channel set to 3. Before the NES is turned on, the TV shows static. I have nothing connected to the TV's coaxial connector other than the NES RF adapter. When I turn on the NES, the static pattern changes, but it's still static. The power light on the NES is solid and not blinking. I've tried changing to channel 4 and I get the same results. I have also tried using the composite audio/video cables, but instead of a change in static pattern, there is a brief flash as the NES is turned on and the TV stays blank, no color. What should I troubleshoot first?

Chris - California
NES acting like it is slightly out of tune (4/20/2013 9/21/2014 6:11:00 PM)
Repaired NES system and replaced 72 pin connector and cleaned games. Played for about two hours and noticed the longer I play, the more the NES acts like it is drifting off of the channel slightly, screen is a little fuzzy and the sound has a little hissing in it. If I connect the A/V cables, the video is ok, the sound slightly hisses. Is there anyway to fine tune the RF modulator?

Chris - Vermont/USA
Super Nintendo (4/22/2013 9/21/2014 4:00:00 AM)
Hey everyone ! My name is Tatyana. I have a Super Nintendo which I play periodically . Lately I've noticed that it is showing a double screen. It is not the game. I suppose it might be the cords that need to be replaced but which one ? Thanks for your help !!

Tatyana - Florida
Keeps turning on and off (4/22/2013 9/21/2014 5:34:00 PM)
I recently bought a used NES system and it was working. Then I went to play it and the power light was flashing on and off, and I wasn't getting anything on the tv. So I looked up what might be wrong and the answer I kept getting was a new 72 pin connector. Well I bought one and replaced the old one, but the problem still remains. Except, this time when the power does come on for a second before shutting off the game actually loads. Any ideas?

Lance - United States
RF alignment NES (4/24/2013 9/21/2014 10:16:00 AM)
Good morning, I re-verified last night that my NES is slightly off channel on both channels 3 and 4, but plays fine if I hook up the A/V cables. Is there anyway to do an RF alignment on these systems?

Chris - VT/USA
Help, something's wrong with my 3DSXL (5/8/2013 9/21/2014 6:38:00 AM)
Hi, my 3DSXL has a problem. I was playing Mario Kart 7 online with friends who didn't have the game and we were playing ballon battle and then all of a sudden it froze, then when i tried to turn it off, it wouldn't work! Then it all turned black and still wouldn't turn off! Then when it did, I tried to turn it back on and the power was blinking red along with something else at the top and then at the top the screen it says disabled and powered off by it's self.

Yanileth - Florida
Nes Game won't work (5/25/2013 9/21/2014 12:14:00 PM)
Hi, I'm having trouble with 1 or 2 games for the NES. I know how to clean games and the nes system. All the rest of my games work but there's a few that, after I have cleaned them, still won't work. What I can't understand is why, considering I've cleaned them well to the point that the pins connection looks exactly the same as my other games, yet still don't work. When I put them in and turn the power on, I get the red light flashing on and off with the grey screen flashing on and off. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks

Stephen - Ireland
problem!!!! (5/31/2013 9/21/2014 9:32:00 PM)
i own a supernintendo and have recently started having problems with it not being able to turn on,so i buy a brand new console,turns out the new one wouldnt turn on either so i figuere its a problem with the power cable.I buy a new power cable(one with a switch on the base that allows you to change the voltage to either 10v to 20v) and i look at the screen and there are green bars runnding down my screen from top to bottom and most of the time they even disturb my game play.then i bought a new av cable to see if that would help and it did not so i need to know what to do.so far i think it might be the power cable but i could use your help

calvin - wisconsin america
Nes won't play SOME games. (6/2/2013 9/21/2014 5:50:00 PM)
My NES won't play certain games (New Ghostbusters 2 or WWF Challenge)... I have both cleaned and replaced the 72 pin adapter, cut the 4th pun on the NES-10 chip and completely cleaned the whole console. The games work fine on a friends NES (I even tried his 72-pin in my NES, no luck) but I can not get these games to work. All are PAL-A standard games.

York - UK
Different colored lines hoizontally across screen (6/2/2013 9/21/2014 8:16:00 PM)
I have a SNES and when I turn it on on ANY and ALL of my games,there are just horizontal lines across the screen,can't see any of the games graphics at all.I have tried the whole alcohol and q-tip cleaning bit on the games,and the credit card with a cloth in the pin connector.Can't get anything playable;PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!

James - Florida,U.S.
Variety of Problems (6/11/2013 9/21/2014 2:22:00 AM)
my NES worked this morning, and now it doesnt. sometimes, the screen is white. other times, the screen flashes white with the blue background. one game, however, works some of the time. Im horribly confused.

Peter - WA, USA
Nes player 2 not working (6/18/2013 9/21/2014 5:40:00 PM)
Every time I try to play a player two game on my nes player 2 controller won't work. I've tried switching the controllers around, switch the connectors around, clean everything and still won't work. Suggestions?

Chris - Lancaster pa
Can an NES cart die? (6/24/2013 9/21/2014 6:06:00 PM)
I recently bought an NES game from a vendor on the internet. When I try to boot it up it gives me loud audio hum and what looks like a lot of flashing grey bars (not pixels as far as I can tell) and sometimes a gray screen with slowly scrolling scan lines. My NES is working fine, and after using your awesome cartridge cleaning kit on my other games, they all boot right up. Is it possible that there's something wrong with this game other than dirty contacts. I'd hate to open it up and clean it only to find that the cart is totally busted and now I can't return it for a refund. Have you guys ever seen something like I'm describing? Were you able to fix it by simply by cleaning the contacts? Thanks!

Beau - Missouri
SNES no Video (8/1/2013 9/21/2014 3:37:00 PM)
I recently found my old NES and SNES, while I was able to get the NES working, my SNES didnt have it's AV cable with it, so I used my NES's RF switch with it, the console powers on (red light) and I get audio, but I get no video what so ever. (Tried with Super Mario world, Top Gear, Populous). and I do know the controllers work as I can hear myself switch through menus. Would getting a normal SNES av cable do the trick for me or could this be a more "serious" problem?

Nick - Seattle, WA.
Solid Yellow Screen (12/10/2013 9/21/2014 12:42:00 AM)
Hey guys, I got an old NES I took out of storage and hooked it up. Now it's showing only a solid yellow screen. Any idea why? I cleaned the 72 pin with rubbing alcohol and the games likewise. I also did the pin thing on the 72 pin connector where you pop them back up. Still the yellow screen. It also seems to have a little buzzing while it's on the screen. Games I've played the night before at my buddies also do the yellow screen. The system has had the 4 pin removed on the CIC chip if that has anything to do with it. I haven't seen any responses in quite some time on the blog but I hope to hear from you as I would love to be able to play some retro NES games. thanks

Mitchell - North Carolina
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