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Bending 72 Pin Connectors??

Some of you may have heard about bending the 72 pin connectors of your NES console to make it work again. This may help for a short time but it is a lot of work and does not last for long. And even has the possibility of not working at all or making things worse. 

These systems and games are 25+ years old and over time oxidation occurs on the mother board connector, the 72 pin connector itself and the contact strips on the games. This typically cleans off fairly easily using our cleaning paste and rinse. The connectors are almost impossible to clean so you are better off just replacing it.

The easiest and quickest way to solve this problem, and it not be a short term fix, is to buy a new 72 pin connector and clean your games. 

You can order the 72 pin connector and the cleaning kit here on our website and get your NES working like new again!! 

Happy Gaming!! 


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