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DS Lite Orange Light Flashes

Due to popular response to our Ask DS Lite Repair Questions blog, we will be issuing at least one blog article per week addressing a common DS Lite repair problem. The Nintendo Repair Shop has always focused on providing the information our customers need for free, with the belief in mind that goodwill is still worth something in this world (just ask google with their litany of free products). Of course it helps that we carry everything you need for DS Lite repairs at some of the best prices in the industry. We hope you enjoy our free Nintendo DS Lite repair blog articles, and be sure to check out our DS Lite repair resources page as well for all of our free repair videos.

How to repair a DS Lite orange flashing light

DS Lite repairs are not easy, but at times diagnosing the problem in the first place is the most difficult part. This is the case when your only symptom is the dreaded orange light that blinks on for a second, then blinks off. The good news is that most of the time, a DS Lite with the orange light symptom can be repaired. The bad news is you can't be entirely sure what to replace to get the DS Lite working again... until you take it apart that is.
  1. If your DS Lite's orange light flashes on for a second, then off while it is hooked up to a charger AND the DS Lite green light does not turn on at all, you most likely have a blown F2 fuse. Of course, once you replace the F2 fuse (involves soldering very tiny parts), there may be other issues that this symptom was hiding (such as the flashing green light and LCDs not turning on). For this reason, we typically recommend folks in this spot use our Mail-in Professional DS Lite Repair Service. We have experience soldering in the small fuse, and can fix other issues for you should they pop up.

  2. If your DS Lite has a steady orange light while on the charger, but it won't turn on, you may have a DS Lite L2/L4 inductor that has popped off of your DS Lite motherboard (typically from a drop or sudden jolt). You can replace the L2/L4 inductor with a little soldering (again, very small), however we typically do not recommend you attempt this without having some practice soldering in small parts. If you apply heat in the wrong spot here, you can damage the motherboard. Again, we typically recommend folks send their systems into our DS Lite Repair Service.
Ok, you've had fair warning. Should you desire to attempt this repair on your own, you can see above that we offer all the parts you'll need at a low price (including the DS Lite Triwing Screwdriver, which you'll need to open your system). We'll even go as far as pointing out where the parts are that you'll need to replace:

To get your Nintendo DS Lite system opened up to F2 fuse and L2/L4 inductors, follow this video to the 2:10 minute marker. That will get you to the point where you can see the F2 and F1 fuses, and the L2/L4 inductors.

DS Lite Fuse Location
See? When we said the F2 fuse is small we meant it! The large silver object on the left hand side is the cartridge slot, which is a good point of reference. If you didn't watch the video, this image shows the underside of the DS Lite motherboard (the first side you see as you disassemble the DS Lite).

DS Lite L2 Inductor
The DS Lite L2 and L4 inductors are located on the reverse side of the DS Lite motherboard. We expect to have videos showing you how to navigate to that side of the motherboard up shortly. In the meantime, here are images of the location of the L2 and L4 inductors. The L2 is right next to the power switch, whereas the L4 is next to the start/select buttons.

DS Lite L4 Inductor


riley (6/18/2011 4/21/2019 4:07:00 PM)
this is complicated;/

riley - england
Orange Light (9/17/2011 4/21/2019 6:37:00 PM)
My problem is that when i charge my ds, the led light never shows orange. Everything works fine when i turn it on. It shows green when its on, red when low bat, but not orange when charging. Any suggestions?

Gabe - Milky Way Galaxy
charger (3/10/2012 4/21/2019 11:58:00 AM)
my ds lite wont charge at all can someone help get it 2 charge

Brandon - United States
Further questions? (10/8/2012 4/21/2019 3:21:00 PM)
So I'm having the first issue, where the orange light flashes for a second, and then turns off, and no charging occurs. I've removed both fuses and replaced with solder joints, and have seen no difference. My multi-mete verifies that voltage is getting across both fuses, so I dont' think they're the problem. Any other suggestions as to what might be going on with the DS if it's not the fuses? Thanks, Ian

Ian - Virginia
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