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How to Repair NES System

The most common question we are asked is how can I repair my NES system. Fortunately the answer is relatively simple in most cases. The most common NES (the original Nintendo Entertainment System) issues are:
  1. Blinking red power light
  2. Blinking or flashing solid colored screen
  3. Solid colored screen
All of these issues can be solved with the following two step process:
  1. Replace your NES System's 72 Pin Connector (see video or full repair guide)
  2. Open your NES games and give them a thorough cleaning (click the link for a how-to guide on NES game cleaning).
Note: all the parts you need to perform both are available in our NES Repair Kit. Alternatively you can use our NES Repair Service.
Some will propose half measures (bend the pins back on your old 72 pin connector, clean the games without opening them, etc). You will achieve some limited success with these measures, but you will not fix the problem. Address the two issues above with our repair guides and you can be virtually guaranteed that your NES games will play with little to no blinking or flashing for years to come.

NES System Repair Guide

Remove screws from the Nintendo NES system caseReplacing the 72 Pin Connector in your Nintendo NES system is quick and painless. The first step is to open the NES system case. To do this, flip over the NES system, locate the 6 screw holes, and remove the screws with your phillips head screwdriver (see image to the right). Once the screws are removed, you can simply lift the bottom of the case away and flip it over to reveal the "business end" of the system.

Remove screws from the Nintendo NES system RF shieldWith the NES system rf shield (shiny metal thing) exposed, locate and remove the 7 screws (see image to the left). With these screws removed, you will be able to lift up and remove the NES system RF shield.

With the NES system game tray exposed, locate the 8 screws on the NES system game tray and motherboard (see image to the right). With these screws removed, you should be able to lift the NES motherboard and game tray away from the bottom of the NES system case.

Remove screws from the Nintendo NES system RF shield

With the NES motherboard removed from the case, you should be able to simply slide the NES game tray away from the 72 pin connector to remove it from the motherboard. This will expose the NES 72 Pin Connector.

Remove the NES Game Tray from the NES Motherboard

To replace the NES 72 pin connector, simply slide the old 72 pin connector away from the NES motherboard. Once removed, we highly recommend you clean the metal contacts on the NES motherboard itself before replacing the 72 pin connector, as sometimes not doing so will actually prevent the new 72 Pin connector from making proper contact. Our NES Total Repair Kit contains all the supplies you need to replace the 72 pin connector and clean your games. The game cleaning supplies provided in this kit can also be used to clean your NES motherboard contacts.

Remove the NES 72 Pin Connector

Once you have cleaned your NES motherboard contacts, simply take the new 72 pin connector and slide it onto the NES motherboard contacts in the same way as the old connector. To reassemble the system, follow the

Replace the NES 72 Pin Connector

same procedures in reverse. One tip to avoid issues, when you slide the NES game tray back onto the motherboard, make sure the small plastic tab at the front-bottom of the game tray slides underneath the motherboard. Sometimes this tab gets caught on top of the motherboard. If so, you will notice that the game tray will not lock down properly. If this occurs, simply fall back to that step, correct and reassemble.


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