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NES Save Game Not Working

I'll take a guess at why you are here: chances are you just made it out alive from the 3rd dungeon in Dragon Warrior, saved your game, went to grab a bite to eat, and when you got back your cat was all curled up next to your NES system. How cute. What is not cute is her pressing the power button, and your Dragon Warrior game failing to record your save game.

So, what to do about this issue? Give away your cat? Nah, we have a better solution. Fortunately there is not an issue with your NES system or the game itself, you just have a dead save game battery that needs replacing. Take a look at our diagnostic video below to see if a dead save game battery is your issue.

If you are in need we sell both a save game battery for NES, as well as a battery replacement kit (which includes the 3.8mm bit to open your NES games). We also have posted a do-it-yourself video for game battery replacement. If you are not in the mood to replace the battery on your own, mail in your game and we will replace the battery for you.


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