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OK to Blow on NES Games?

FALSE.  Surprised?  Blowing on a game cartridge before putting it into the console to clean off the dust is a popular method for "cleaning" a game and getting it to read.  However, you are actually damaging the game more and more each time you do this.

Lots of kids have learned from other kids that if they blow on the games and then put them in the game slot, it helps it read the games better -- for that one time.  That is because water (moisture in the breath) conducts electricity.

BUT, water also corrodes, and the solids in saliva droplets suspended in the breath will be left behind when the water evaporates, and that leaves a very bad film on the games, on the pins in the game slot, and can even destroy a motherboard from corrosion.

So, the more you blow on the games, the more you HAVE to blow on the games to get them to work, until eventually there is so much gunk on the game slot pins it won't read the games at all any more and you will have to pay to have a new game slot soldering in.

If you are having a hard time getting your games to read, clean them instead. Use an old clean cotton Tshirt, one that has been washed a lot (no lint), and barely moisten it with rubbing alcohol, then squeeze it out.  Wipe the metal contacts on the game cartridge, and dry it.  If you feel your games need a more significant cleaning, check out our Game Cleaning Kit along with a video taking your step-by-step through the process.  Don't want to do the dirty work?  Take advantage of our great Game Cleaning Service.


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