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Used NES Game Cleaning

Remember back in the good old days when your Nintendo NES Games worked on the first try? Oh wait... that never happened! You always have to blow on used NES games to make them work, right? Wrong. The solution is to properly clean your used Nintendo NES games periodically so the game contacts make a proper connection with the system's 72 pin connector pins.

Fortunately, the Nintendo Repair Shop makes this process easy with its original Nintendo game cleaning process demonstrated in the video below. Even better, we provide everything you need to DIY in our Nintendo Game Cleaning Kit. In addition, we perform this exact cleaning process on every single used game we sell. This is something you won't find from any other shop worldwide, which is why we can guarantee our used games will work! We will also clean/repair your used nes games with our game cleaning service.

To really get everything working properly, you should also replace your NES System's 72 Pin Connector.

NES Game Cleaning Guide

Tools you will need

Note: all of these items are available in our NES Total Repair Kit (which also includes the 72 pin connector). To just order the game cleaning supplies, check out our NES Game Cleaning Kit.

Open NES 3.8mm Game ScrewsUsing the 3.8mm Security Bit, unscrew the 3 screws from the back of the cartridge. Our 3.8mm bit is designed to fit in screw holes easily, but this still may require some pressure. To open the cartridge lift up on the back side and pull towards you. Be careful not to lose the screws!

Remove the NES Game MotherboardWith the back of the NES game cartridge removed, you should see the NES game motherboard exposed (see image to the right). The business end of the NES game motherboard is the side with the shiny metal contacts. If you inspect these carefully, you may notice dull, gray or brown smudges. This is built up dirt and grime from oil on hands, and the oil from the factory combined with dirt and dust. This actually disrupts the electrical connection if bad enough, which is one of the major contributors to NES games not playing properly.

Clean the NES Game ContactsUsing the supplies in our NES Game Cleaning Kit, you can clean these metal game contacts till they shine, and work to play your NES games properly. First, remove the NES game motherboard from the case. Next apply a small amount of NES game cleaning paste to one of the non-static game cleaning pads. Then, rub both sides of the metal contacts with the game cleaning paste (now applied to your non-static cleaning pad). You should see dark brown and black build up being removed. This is normal. Continue to rub away dirt and grime until the metal contacts appear clear of any build up. Finally, apply a small amount of game cleaning rinse to your non-static game cleaning pad and rub down the metal contacts once more to remove any left over game cleaning paste residue (this prevents dirt and grime from building up again as quickly). Let dry, and follow the procedures above in reverse to put the game cartridge back together again. You now should have games and an NES system that work first time every time, congratulations!


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