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Nintendo 3DS Repair Service

Nintendo 3DS Repair Service
Professional 3DS repair service by the experienced Nintendo Repair Shop staff. 

$49.99 covers parts and labor for common issues such as damaged charger socket, non-responsive L and R shoulder buttons, and touch screen not working. 

$59.99 covers lower LCD problems, not reading games

$69.99 covers upper LCD repairs, camera, or 3D problems, and simple hinge repairs (not severed).

$34.99 If you just need a scratched upper screen cover replaced 

Please read below for details on how to send in your system. Not sure which DS system you have?

Please note: if your hinge is broken or severed, please email shipping@nintendorepairshop.com  or call 919-728-0191 first to ensure we have the correct shell color in stock. It helps if you can email a photo of the broken area. 
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This service is for the Nintendo 3DS only, not for 3DS XL. 

Our repair charge covers the parts and labor for these common 3DS problems. 
  • Charging socket is damaged (you can often see the damage inside the power port)
  • L and/or R shoulder buttons are not responsive (also called triggers or bumpers)
  • Won't read games (sometimes you can see bent pins inside.)
  • When charging, the charging light flashes once briefly then goes off. The 3DS will not power on (no power light, no screens).
  • When charging, the charging light comes on and stays on for a while, but the 3DS will not power on (no power light, no screens).
  • touch screen (lower) does not respond correctly to tap of stylus pen
  • problems with image on lower screen (lower LCD cracked or damaged)
  • broken hinge (please email shipping@nintendorepairshop.com first for color stock check)
Please note we are not repairing broken hinges or replacing shells at this time.

If the upper screen is not showing the image properly, and that is the only problem, check Top LCD, there is a small extra fee for upper LCD repair.

If your system has been water-damaged, we may be able to repair it. If not, we will contact you about a partial refund, usually about half.

If your motherboard has fractures or too many damaged circuits to repair, we will contact you about a partial refund, usually about half. This is rare.

If you have any questions about our 3DS repair service, or have symptoms other than what is described above, please email shipping@nintendorepairshop.com.

To order our professional 3DS repair service, place this item in your cart and proceed to checkout. Make sure to follow these instructions:
  1. Describe the symptoms/issues you have with your system in the comments box at checkout.
  2. Print out a copy of the order confirmation at conclusion of checkout and include it in your shipment.
  3. Send your system to our repair center (address below). You are responsible for this cost. The cost of return shipping once repair is complete will be added at checkout.
The Nintendo Repair Shop
6104 Westgate Rd. Suite 130
Raleigh, NC 27617-4619

Please do NOT send in the original box or any case, games, stylus, or charger. Wrap in bubble wrap and pack in a small box for shipping. Please do NOT just throw it in a bubble mailer.

We are not affiliated with the manufacturer, Nintendo. If you want them to do your repair, their website is www.nintendo.com

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