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Nintendo NES RF Switch / TV Adapter

Nintendo NES RF Switch / TV Adapter
Nintendo RF Switch TV Adapter connects your Nintendo NES to the TV! Allows you to switch back and forth between TV and playing the Nintendo NES. Brand new in box! Plugs on to the coax connector on your TV.
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Make sure the RF Channel switch on the back of your NES console is set to the same channel (either 3 or 4) as your TV.

Also works for SNES or SEGA Genesis 1.

For improved quality check out our original pre-owned Nintendo brand RF switch for SNES or NES, or our ,NES/SNES/SEGA1 Exact Replica RF Switch , both of which have screw-on instead of plug-on coax connectors giving better quality, or our NES AV cable.

If you want to connect to the red-white-yellow plugs on your TV, you need an AV cable instead of an RF switch.
Please review these other products:

Nintendo NES AV Component Cable red/yellow new
Nintendo NES AV Component Cable red yellow. A brand new 6 foot long audio video cable designed just for the NES! Bring the classics back to life better than ever with this quality AV cable for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Connects to any TV with Audio Video inputs (yellow red & white ports). Guaranteed to work or your money back!

Gives a better signal quality (picture) than an RF switch.
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AC Adapter Power Supply Nintendo NES
AC Power Supply NES - This brand new AC Power Supply provides the correct voltage for and is compatible with the Nintendo NES (both models NES-001 and NES-101). Guaranteed to work or your money back! Replaces the original Nintendo part number NES-002. Our Price: US$6.95
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NES/SNES RF Switch Original Nintendo Brand NES-003
Original Nintendo Brand high quality RF Switch for the SNES and NES! This is a pre-owned Nintendo Brand RF Switch used to connect your Super Nintendo or Nintendo to your TV. 100% guaranteed to work or your money back! Nintendo Model NES-003 for either NES or SNES. Also works for SEGA Genesis 1. Our Price: US$9.94
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Exact Replica NEW Nintendo NES Controller!
NEW Controller for Nintendo NES - Exact Replica!  This is a brand new high quality controller made by Simple Jet for the original Nintendo NES models NES-001, NES-101, and many of the clone systems such as the Retro NES. Now with a longer 10 ft. cord! 100% quality guaranteed! Product is as pictured.

Replaces NES-004.
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Nintendo NES Controller Extension Cable
Nintendo NES Controller Extension Cable. With the added length this 72" cable provides your original Nintendo brand NES controllers you will have the freedom you need to truly game comfortably!  Brand new in box. Makes a great gift! Our Price: US$6.49
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