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NES Nintendo Zapper Light Gun GRAY

NES Nintendo Zapper Light Gun GRAY
Nintendo brand pre-owned NES Light Gun - Extremely Rare! Used for NES shooter games including Duck Hunt which is also offered on this site! Refurbished by the Nintendo Repair Shop. 100% guaranteed in perfect working condition. Color is gray.
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Other NES games we carry that may be in stock, that require the zapper light gun, are Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt/World Class Track Meet, Freedom Force, Shooting Range, Hogan's Alley, Wild Gunman.

Please note the zapper light gun will work with the Retro-Bit NES system, but not the Retro Duo system.

Please note light controllers need light to reflect off the TV screen to work. Many newer flat screen, LCD, LED, and HD TVs have an anti-glare coating that prevents light guns from working. If you can't see a reflection of a bright light off your TV screen when it is off, a light gun may not work on it. Older TVs can be purchased very inexpensively at thrift shops.

Games that can use the light gun:
Adventures of Bayou Billy, Barker Bill's Trick Shooting, Freedom Force, Gotcha!, Gumshoe, Hogan's Alley, Laser Invasion, Lone Ranger, Mechanized Attack, Operation Wolf, Shooting Range, To the Earth, Track & Field II, Wild Gunman
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