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Nintendo Game Cleaning Kit

Nintendo Game Cleaning Kit
Nintendo Game Cleaning Kit allows you to open your NES, SNES, N64, and some Gameboy game cartridges for easy access and remove all the dirt oxidation and corrosion that causes your games to not work. Now with twice as much cleaning cloth and a higher quality slimmer 3.8mm game cartridge opening bit! Cleans safely and gently without damaging games but VERY effectively!

Gets 99% of old games working like new again!
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All games and systems are professionally cleaned/refurbished, tested and guaranteed everytime!

Nintendo Game Cleaning Kit Includes:
3.8mm gamebit to open NES, SNES, N64, and some original Gameboy games for cleaning, game cleaning paste to remove dirt corrosion and oxidation, game cleaning rinse to remove excess solution, and non static low-lint cleaning cloths to apply and remove the solution. This kit is specially designed based on thousands of repair jobs performed by our store and has been highly successful in solving game related problems.

Older cleaning methods you may have used might have worked when the games were new, but now that they have 20 years of oxidation on them, you need our kit.
Repair Instructions:
NES Cartridge Cleaning - NES Repair Walkthrough

We offer the Nintendo Game Cleaning Kit and the NES 72 pin connector, at a discount over buying them separately, in the NES Total Repair Kit.

If you want to open the SNES or N64 console, you will need to order the 4.5mm bit.

If you want the Game Cleaning Kit with a 4.5mm bit instead of the 3.8mm bit, order the SEGA Game Cleaning Kit.  Or if you have both Nintendo and SEGA games to clean, you can order the 4.5mm bit separately.

Optional magnetic bit handle fits both 3.8mm and 4.5mm bits, and any standard 1/4" hex shank bit. The 3.8mm game opening security bit in the kit is difficult to holdwith just your fingers. If you don't have a magnetic screwdriverhandle that accepts interchangeable 1/4" hexagonal shaft bits, or apower driver or power drill, you may want to add our magnetic bithandle to your order.

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