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3.8mm Gamebit Screwdriver Tool

3.8mm Gamebit Screwdriver Tool
Nintendo 3.8mm Gamebit Security Tool - Tool opens game cartridges (not system consoles) for NES, SNES, N64, and some original Gameboy games (cartridges) for easy access for cleaning and repair. 

Made of tempered steel, highest quality, will not round out inside with normal use. I've used mine for years and have opened literally tens of thousands of games with it. Long enough to reach into deep screw wells.

Don't get a cheap bit, it will only last you a few games and it will be stripped out.
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For opening SNES, N64, and Gamecube System consoles check out our 4.5mm System Security Tool. To open an NES system console, you just need a regular phillips screwdriver.

The 3.8mm bit allows you to open GAMES (also called cartridges) for the following systems for cleaning:
NES - SNES - N64 - Virtual Boy - Game Gear (SEGA) - Gameboy Original and Color but not Advance (see chart)

For information on what tool you need for your System or Games, check out our Repair Tool Selection Chart.

Optional magnetic bit handle fits both 3.8mm and 4.5mm bits, and any standard 1/4" hex shank bit. The 3.8mm game opening security bit is difficult to hold with just your fingers. If you don't have a magnetic screwdriver handle that accepts interchangeable 1/4"  exagonal shaft bits, or a power driver or power drill, you may want to add our magnetic bit handle to your order. (Currently out of stock.)

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4.5mm Gamebit Security Bit Driver for SNES N64 SEGA Genesis
4.5mm Gamebit Security Bit Driver Key for SNES N64 SEGA Genesis. This tool is used to open SNES, N64, SEGA, Gamecube and NES TopLoader SYSTEMS and SEGA Genesis GAMES for easy access to interior parts and vital cleaning that can help your system/games to work perfectly again. Can't open these systems or SEGA games without this tool.

This is a high quality, longer, stronger 4.5mm bit made of tempered steel that will hold up to repeated use without stripping inside, and will fit deep screw wells on SNES and Gamecube consoles that shorter bits won't fit. 

Bit is 3 inches long.

Don't buy a cheap bit, it will strip out inside in just a few uses.
Our Price: US$4.99
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