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Excitebike 64 N64 Game

Excitebike 64 N64 Game
Excitebike 64 N64 Game. An update to the original Excitebike for the NES. The outrageous jumps and precision timing required in the original have been translated into a modern 3D racing game.
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There are several game modes to choose from. First there is aseason mode with multiple skill levels. Completing a 5-race season infirst place unlocks special tracks and more difficult classes. Secondthere is a exhibition mode which allows you and up to 3 other people tochoose a single track to race on. Third there is a time trial mode inwhich you try to get the best times on the 20 tracks. Finally there are multiple special tracks. Some of the special tracks include apoint-to-point race through the desert - a hill-climb competition -motocross soccer - and a pixel-perfect conversion of the original Excitebike. Excitebike 64 also includes a track editor for building your own competitions.
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