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Nintendo Repair Shop Reviews

Here is what our previous customers think of the Nintendo Repair Shop:

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1. The package was delivered perfectly on schedule and I was even asked by email if I really want the NTSC version of the game I ordered since it wouldn't work on my NES without modding the console.

Thanks to this customer-oriented service I saved money AND a moment of frustration after I would've realized the game not working on my home console.

If I ever run in to the need of spare parts for my NES or anything else Nintendo-related, I know where to return.

Aapo, Ireland
2. It is always quite a pleasure dealing with your company.
Chris, USA
3. The Replica NES controller I received has an unresponsive dpad, particularly when you press left on it. I didn't check it until after the 15 day warranty. Be wary of that.
Jason, USA
4. Hi!

I just wanted to say thank you for existing! I haven't actually bought anything yet, but I should be getting a bonus at work next week, and my bonus will be your bonus! I can't believe I hadn't found you guys before. For being what sounds like a pretty small operation, it looks like you guys are running it with heart. I am very excited to do business with you and have my list ready to go for next week! I already liked, subscribed, and +1! If things go how I hope with finances, you guys will see me fairly regularly! Anyways, I will stop clogging up your email now!

Thank you!

Andrew, USA
5. Watched their video on how to clean N64 cartridges. Very well done, made it look quite easy. Definitely gonna buy the cleaning kit!
Ben, Capac, Michigan
6. Very good service and products! I ordered some games and replacement parts for N64 and was personally contacted by a rep with pertinent recommendations. Quickly changed the order and mailed it out, top quality controller and game works perfectly =)
Brian, Canada
7. I placed an order and am very satisfied with the cartridges I received. They were all in good condition, clean and free of stickers and markings. I hope to order again from NRS very soon!
Dug, Henderson
8. This site is legit and I loved it! I hated that my NES had to go and stop working, but with all their videos and stock, they made it super easy to fix it so I could get back to gaming :D
Kyle, Iowa
9. From the time I sent my DS to be repaired,it took 21 days. Service is very good and I will recommend this company to anyone requiring Nintendo service.
Blair , Canada
10. I bought the SNES Game cleaning kit and it works wonders! Thank You! Someone wanted to charge me $6 / game to clean them, and the guy said if I didn't like it to use a nail file to scrape off the grime. Anyway, thank you so much you guys are game savers!
Estephania, Kissimmee, FL.
11. Hey guys! I read the whole site and have not found a solution for my Nes, will their fate and death to turn cold and recycled disposable cup? works perfectly as soon as the game is placed inside the console but during the game it switches the color image with the color image without any b & w ! help-me !
Claude, SP-Brasil
12. Will only order from here. Great products and quick delivery. Low prices too! Very satisfied, just placed my 3rd order!
Nicole, Rushford
13. I received my order a couple of days ago and I am quite content. The triwing screw driver works perfectly for opening up my old GC controllers, and the battery looks to be the one I need. I was skeptical at first, but very happy with the products. On the other hand, I will no longer be using USPS to ship; they destroyed my brother's packaging, as well as the exterior packaging of my order. Not to mention they never updated the tracking; even right now its says it's in NC.

Anyway, thanks for the great products. I'll definitely shop here again! Good prices, good shipping prices, fast shipping speed even to Canada.

Tasha, Ontario
14. Hi ! I just received a brand new battery for my GameBoy Advance SP, from your shop. That's a quality product, shipping was really fast and the item was well packed.

Thank you !


Anthony, Saint-Simon-De-Bagot
15. Nintendo Repair Shop ships fast and gives you exactly what you need to keep gaming the way Nintendo intended. I can't be happier with their products or their service!! It was so easy to take apart my consoles and games then fix them up!
Jordan, US
16. Great site. Bought a replacement bottom LCD for my DS Lite and no problem ordering on the site and no problems with the LCD. Do recommend.
Kelvin, Boston, Massachusetts
17. I ordered two batteries and the tool to replace the batteries in my Pokémon Yellow and Gold games. It turned out when I opened them up that one of the games required a non-standard battery (my fault for not checking first). I called to ask about the difference and the manager I spoke to was very friendly and helped me figure out which battery I needed. She also gave me a lot of great advice on replacing the battery of my other game. I was very impressed with the service offered and would recommend this site to others. Would purchase from again.
Brian, Indiana
18. I ordered a new NDS touch screen (to repair my sons NDS screen again...) along with a tri wing screw driver. The my order arrived promptly and the products were great. I put the new screen in and now my son will get to keep playing. Great!
NDS Wizard, Arizona
19. Loved working with Nintendo Repair Shop! The staff was friendly and helpful, and when I shipped them my DS Lite with a broken hinge and when they recieved it I got an email saying it would be repaired in 1 to 2 weeks. THREE DAYS later I got another email saying that my DS was on its way home (complete with tracking). When I received my package it worked PERFECTLY! I would gladly use them for any future repairs.
Paul, Maryland
20. Impressed with the speed and delivery of items, and the quality of the cleaning items. Bravo!
Paul, Michigan
21. the top left corner beside the lights the part that keeps the screen to go to different angles has fell out and my ds has the top half about to fall out but it still works plus i dont know where your repair shop is
a worried customer, canada
22. I am very pleased with the super nintendo I purchased from the NRS. It has brought me back to the glory days of gaming. So much fun. I also ordered the game cleaning kit and the video instructional was extremely helpful. Straight forward and simple. It worked great. I will always purchase anything I need now from the NRS because I know it will be done right if its a game or a system or anything.
A very happy customer, Brentwood
23. Thanks so much for existing! Your video was super helpful in replacing my nintendo's 72 pin connector. And the products were delivered super quick! Will definitely do business with you again.
Rachel, VA, USA
24. They corrected my mistakes, and I made a ton of them ordering. Best experience with quality materials. Thanks!
Justin, NY
25. Ordered a power cord for SNES and a SNES game (super Mario world) both work remarkable and for a good price, I searched everywhere for someone to have the power cord until I found this website... Thank you!
Joel, Canada
26. Very professional DS lite repair and workmanship. New shell looks factory fresh, looks brand new well worth calling. Will be using NIN Repair Shop for all future repairs. You guys are awesome.
David, Frederick
27. I have dealt with the great folks at the Nintendo Repair Shop numerous times both for trading in extra games/systems and buying repair parts and services. They have always been very helpful and courteous. I would recommend them to everyone !
Michael, Janesville WI
28. Do you repair Nintendo DS top does not work call me @ 717-278-4001 or Email Thanks Chris
Chris Zook, pa.
29. Very fast shipping, amazing service. Will recommend to friends.
Isai, Houston
30. I sent my Nintendo DS Lite in for repair. Within 7days my DS was returned to me fixed, good as new. Really Happy Customer. When they received my DS lite they even sent an email stating so.
Rachael, Grayslake
31. After carrying around my original NES around for 25 years which was broken but I couldn't part with it
I ordered the repair kit and now I'm rocking the LOZ gold pack on a 73 in Tv
Thank you Nintendo Repair Center

James T, Maryland
32. Very happy with the turn around and the job done. Sent in a broken Ds and came back like new, very clean. These guys have good communnication and customer service. They offer alot of service for the price of repair. By far the best deal I came across locally or on the net. Don't be scared to email them with a question or call. If you're not sure about something contact them. They also have great prices on other stuff for your systems. Worth the money spent and I saved myself a headache trying to do it myself and buying parts from four different sources. Get it all done here for a great price!!!! Semper_Fi
Happy Customer, Eagle Pass, Tx
33. I ordered the #1 NINTENDO NES TOTAL REPAIR KIT to fix my system. I was able to replace the 72 pin connector and cleaned my games with the help of your YouTube videos. So thank you! Now I can pass on those wonderful memories to my son.
Julio, Sylmar
34. The quality of the items I purchased is amazing. I purchased two game bits, a Y wing screwdriver, and a cleaning kit and they all work very well. High quality tools and a perfect way to clean your games like new. Also the cleaning paste works amazing to remove permanent marker that has been used on the plastic of game cartridges, but just use a little.
Bryce, California
35. I would like to thank The Nintendo Repair Shop ! Very fast shipping to France.
My first order was the white DS Lite shell which isn't perfect (plastic quality is OK, not great), while replacing the shell, I broke my top screen connector.
I ordered a 2nd time, a top screen.
Fast shipping: only 1 week to France, even with snow...
I switch from black to white... And repair. Couldn't thank you enough. Seller recommended !

Ky Van, Paris, FRANCE
36. I still had my NES from a long time ago that would work indeterminately. My children asked about playing it. I set it up to find the same problem. I found your site and info very helpful. I ordered the total repair kit. It arrived today and success, it was working like new again.
We have been playing with it all afternoon.

Todd Bianowicz, Pennsylvania
37. I have ordered from nintendorepairshop.com for the past few months. they fixed my snes, sent me very good quality games very fast, and best of all their customer service is amazing; they will answer any questions or concerns you have.
Rebecca, california
38. I got my item really fast. this is why I shop here for all my nes supplies, great customer service and they have everything I need to keep my nes going like new.
Jose, Edgewood
39. Great products, fast delivery. Only had to wait 9 days for an international package, by far the quickest service I've had. 10/10, five stars, and both thumbs up (: (: (:

I will definitely be coming back here if I need to fix any more of my games.

Danielle, Melbourne, Australia
40. I've been buying parts and games from these guys for 3 years now and wouldn't go to anyone else.
Joshua, Ft. Bragg
41. I tested out Nintendorepairshop.com with my first order, everything came super fast and in perfect condition, since then over the past month I have ordered many times and I will order much more times, I recommend them and very trusted seller, I Am A Very Happy Customer. Thanks Very Much
Peter Gorski, Camp Hill PA
42. Just placed my second order with the nintendo repair shop. While placing the first I ended up ordering the wrong game. I emailed customer service and got a reply back in less than 24 hours and they corrected my mistake and refunded the difference in a timely manner.
Amanda, Ontario
43. This shop is A+++++ in my book! Fantastic customer service, products, and response is fast. I want to thank all of you for your hard work and dedication that you give to your customers!
Hollace, Elyria
44. I ordered a adaptor with no battery in it :( very sad that I can't get my gaming on wish I can cause I love Nintendo been Playing it since I was 4 I'm 19 now that's 15 years
Makayla, Visalia
45. Easily found just what I needed at a great price. Thank you.
Leonard P., Auburn
46. Wow! I order the Watermelon N64 controller, the joystick replacement, two GameCube controllers, and two extension cables. I am amazed that the used watermelon controller looks brand new! Perfectly cleaned and not a spot on it! Even the buttons have no wear on them what so ever! The two GameCube controllers are the same, they look brand new also! and the Extension cables are great! I did mess up on one of my orders, I forgot to add a few other things to my cart before I checked out, so i made another order, they combined my order and refunded me additional shipping. Excellent Customer Service! Thank you very much!
Lateralus, Texas
47. Just got my package today. Everything is great.
Game cart in good condition.
Love the Dogbone controller for the NES, it even works on the clone system I have when other controllers did not (including the official NES controllers).
Also got 2 new 72 pin connectors which will get my old hardware up and running so I won't have to use crappy ass clone system anymore.

Overall, very pleased. Great doing business with them.

Clint, Saskatoon,SK, Canada
48. NRS's cleaning solution works great. I have been able to save quite a bit of money by purchasing games that didnt work for cheap, and cleaning them to have them back in working condition.
Logan, Colorado
50. Ordered a replacement shell for my DSLite. The shell is well made and feels nice and solid. The finish has a great look and feel. It arrived in 2 weeks which is an impressive amount of time.
Justin, New Zealand
51. Bought the NES cleaner kit to resuscitate my growing collection, and I have to say this stuff is top drawer. The price is good, the shipping was a quick 3 day transit, and I received everything I needed. I am a customer for life now.
Kevin, Milwaukee, WI
52. Yes you guys did a Awesome job ty, ty, ty, ty. Ninja Gaiden 1 here i come hope i pass it after 20 years..

Cristian Garcia, US
53. Very friendly staff, very helpful. Found everything I needed.
Brian, Clinton, NC
54. Absolutely Brilliant!! Easy to install and games work with 100% success! Many thanks!
Nathan, Louisville
55. Great quality, fast shipping, and highly recommended overall! Keep up the wonderful service!
Erik, Kansas
56. Submitted my order Thursday morning and received my package by Saturday! Got my old Nintendo working practically as good as new! HIGHLY recommended
Jason, Dover
57. awesome!! paid for a new ac adapter (cheap by the way) and they sent it to me in less than a week. my nintendo has risen from the dead!! really friendly people - always makes you feel that you made a solid purchase. thanks Nintendo Repair Shop!!
allen, toronto ontario
58. I sold some extra NES Console items to the Nintendo Repair Shop, they were very courteous in all aspects of the transaction. The pricing was fair given the current market values, and I would definitely buy or sell to the Nintendo Repair Shop without hesitation!
Michael, Janesville, Wi
59. I love my original Nintendo above all other games. I have 79 games and ordered the repair kit. I cleaned a couple of game and couldn't wait to try them. The console worked like new! Loved it! Have ordered 2nd repair kit for another for my sister. Well worth the money!
60. Super fast shipping. Product worked perfectly to fix my old NES. Great video on how to clean the old games. Thanks!
Teri, Iowa
61. I have made 3 purchases with Nintendo Repair Shop. My experiences have been excellent and I will continue to purchase all of my nintendo repair needs from them. They have quick and efficient shipping with tracking information. Customer support has also been excellent. Thank you!!!
Rose, New Hampshire
62. I just received the repair kit and fixed my original nes. Thank you so very much. I love playing the old systems just as much as the new. This now completes my collection.
Wendy, San Tan Valley
63. I ordered a couple of things for my SNES and they arrived in jus 2 days! Fantastic service!

I especially loved the smiley stickers and I did note the instructions to handle carefully on the box- both were much appreciated it!

Happy Customer, California
64. I am a novice when it comes to repairing electronic gadgets yet I am happy to say that with the instructional video I successfully replaced the Upper LCD in an DS Lite. I successfully soldered the speaker wires too!! It took about 2 hours. I have never done this before. Thank you for the step by step instructional video. I received my order in 3 days and I did not request speedy delivery. Thank You!
Very Happy Customer!, North Carolina
65. Great seller very fast shipping. I messed up placing 2 different orders and they combined them and refunded the extra shipping
David, Seminole
66. fast delivery, very easy to follow directions on website. my replacement 72 pin connector works great! I do recommend the cleaning kit and tool bit in addition.
80's gamer, USA
67. The Nintendo Repair Shop Simply the Best.
Olivier, Sallanches
68. Everything came in time, as clean as it was shown on pictures! Perfect customer service, love this site !

10/10 !!

Olivier, Terrebonne
69. ordered the clear DSLite case and it looks fantastic! great build quality, not some cheap piece that most of these other online retailers try to sell for a higher amount. shipping was incredibly fast and customer service was extremely helpful. will definitely be a repeat customer, A+++!
Patrick, Greensboro
70. I ordered the Metallic red ds shell and a tri wing screwdriver and was pleasantly surprised how fast they both arrived. The youtube tutorial shown on the product page had everything I needed to know to replace my shell. The shell works perfect, except one piece had chipped paint and the stylus was stuck int he shell so some of its paint scraped off. Luckily both those pieces I already had from the previous shell so no need to worry. Very happy with my purchase and will buy from again.
Zachary, Blauvelt
71. Ever pay a little bit more, and then be amazed at the difference a few pennies makes? Cleanest used games I have ever purchased. Nes repair kit easy to use with great results. These guys are legit!
William, Buchanan
72. Wow, this Site is Video Game Great & it's The Real Deal. This is Now my "Go To" place for classic Nintendo Sweetness - & it should be yours too. No need to be "tricked" or "suckered" by Retro Video Game places that Over-Charge. Just Shop Here. Thanks, Nintendo Repair Shop.
Jim Garcia, Austin, USA
73. I'm very happy with their service. The delivery was fast and came when it should. They have great prices and everything I need to fix and clean my games and systems to get them working again. I recommend this place!
Tyler, Minnesota
74. Thank you so much NRS! I just finished cleaning my copy of Earthbound that had been in an attic since my childhood, it works like new now and I'm so happy! Thank you!!!
Benz, Austin
75. Great job on the N64 thumbsticks! Fast delivery too.
A Very Happy Customer, The Netherlands
76. Very fast delivery, works great!
Kurt, Usa
77. Very fast shipping, well packed and the stuff was as described. Thanks!
TK, Finland
78. Ok, this place is awesome! Great productsfor game cleaning! Ispent two days cleaning all of my old games and everything works perfectly.

The next step is trying out the battery replacement on some of my games!

One small suggestion for you guys: try to find and offer products for top loading systems! I would LOVE to get my hands on a new pin connector for the top loader!


Aaron, Bloomsburg
79. I am so pleased with the service and speedy delivery of my Super Nintendo part!! Now I can school my kids on some old school Super Mario Bros. I would give this site a 5-star rating!!
Amanda, South Carolina
80. Fast shipping, Fair Shipping, Great Products, Great Prices and Amazing Videos that tell you how to do everything for Free, whats better then that. Great Company
Kyle, Lake Forest
81. Ordered NES cart tool on 10/3/12
processed/mailed 12/3/12
Received in Cornwall UK 17/3/12
Excellent quality product.
Excellent customer service.
Highly recomended to all !!
Very pleased
Thank you..

EDWARD, Cornwall UK
82. Great attention and items to help me keep me Game Boy like new!© Also great shipping time! Thank you so much Nintendo Repair!!!
Joan Manuel, Capital Federal
83. I purchased an original NES online and when It got here it didn't work. I got online and found this site and ordered a new 72 pin connector with the cleaning kit. I watched the install video and replaced the connector and cleaned the games. Now the Nintendo works like brand new! Thanks guys!!! The parts shipped out immediately after I ordered them. I couldn't be happier with your service. You are bookmarked!
Thanks again,


Troy, California
84. These people are the best. Very knowledgeable and nice. Fixed my old nes with the 72 pin connector but had power problems. I explained what was going on and right away the lady knew the problem which I had the wrong a/c adapter. The ones for the retron 3 doesnt supply enough. Great prices and selection. Will shop no where else.
J.N., Palacios
85. just received my second order of tecmo bowl and excite bike. both worked great first time i put them in the nes. will buy from again (probobly super mario bros. 3)
Rebecca, Los Angeles
86. Ordered the '# 1 Nintendo Game Cleaning Kit'. Just cleaned a 'Dr. Mario' Cartridge. Got all the grime off those metal contacts!!! Excellent product. This time Dr. Mario got the cure, ;-] Thanks to the people at Nintendo Repair Shop!!!!
Satisfied Customer, USA
87. best service out there, cheap, fast shipping, and the things actually work
Rebecca, Los Angeles
88. I ordered a nes off of your website and it came with extremely fast shipping with a game. i plugged it in, worked perfectly, have been and will be playing mario
Rebecca, Los Angeles
89. Very happy with the speed, communication, and service with getting my kids DS fixed. Would highly recommend.
Erik, Dodgeville
90. Promt and helpfull service. I chose the wrong shipping method for my address and they corrected it with a faster and cheaper method and refunded the difference. Recieved my order ahead of schedule with everything packed nice and neat. Great job!
James, Palacios
91. Absolutely fantastic service! Two week door to door turn around and now I'm playing NES like its straight off the shelf! Customer for life! Thank u so much!
Dan, Northglenn CO
92. I ordered the repair kit for my snes games after seeing the videos, i was impressed after receveing my package in a Fast 3 day service the product was just overall amazine, It's really a great thought to know such a place like the nintendo repair shop exists. Will continue business with this great company.
Elias, Florida
93. Bought an NES from a guy at work and it worked for an hour after I brought it home. I thought about tackling the repair myself until I found this site. The reviews were impressive, but the customer service is what sold me. After ordering a repair before the holidays and fearing it would be lost, they allowed me to hold off on shipping the console. Just got back today and it works like a dream. Just have to find a CRT TV so Duck Hunt will work. Five Stars!!!!!
Sam, Pennsylvania
94. Quick shipping and good quality products. I really appreciate the repair videos and tutorials. Very satisfied.
Kirk, Champlin
95. Sent my son's DSi in for repair (after he damaged the game slot). The shop provided friendly and helpful correspondence, letting me know what the system probably needed. It got back to me in 2-3 weeks, which was roughly the time they had estimated. The DSi works great. I'm happy with the experience and would use them again. (Much cheaper than buying a new unit!)
DSi owner's dad, USA
96. Very quick turnaround. Thanks a bunch!
Heather, USA
97. Sent in some consoles for sale and received excellent service, communication, and very reliable!!! Will do business again.
Tony, California
98. Fast Shipping! Great Packaging! Excited to relive the good ol days. NHL 94 on its way!
Ryan, Indian River
99. My Nintendo didn't work very well, the blinking light of death was apon it. So, a new 72-Pin connector from here worked perfectly, games work 100 times better, and always on the first time. Pins are a little bit stiff for first use, but you get used to it.
Matt, New York
100. I got my NES Repair kit in the mail today, changed the pin connector and cleaned 6 games and everything works perfect, thanks
Jesse, Tiverton
101. Purchased an NES console with a refurbished controller, the system is in excellent condition and works perfectly. Highly recommended.
Jason, Michigan
102. I've bought several things from you. The shipping has always been as fast as it's possible to get via USPS first class mail and the quality is great. I'll be back!
Phil, Broomfield
103. Love this store! I just placed my second order with them! Parts are as described and shipped timely!
Tabitha, graham
104. The prices for the replacement parts I order are great. The shipping is great also. I received the products within 3 days of order. Only problem was that the first order had a defective item and it took 3 weeks to get a replacement. It doesnt really matter though because the replacement that I got works perfectly fine... Pleasure doing business with this company.
Mr. PV, Minnesota
105. I bought the nintendo cleaning kit to fix a copy of diddy kong racing that didnt work, the game i thought was beyond repair because it had paint on the contacts, but i used your kit and now it works perfect ! Thank you and have no doubts buy this kit and watch the video your games will work perfect every time.
Kevin, Maryland
106. Works great! Super fast repairs! If we ever need repairs again you guys will be the first I contact! Can't thank you enough!
hollie, wisconsin
107. I'm 100% satisfied with the NES total repair kit. The thing works like it did when it was new and it got here uber fast. Thanks Nintendo Repair Shop.
Matthew, Cleveland
108. You're an invaluable resource, after fixing my own NDSL I'm now repairing them for all the kids in the neighborhood! Your prices and shipping is the best I've found. Keep up the good work.
Richard, Elizabethtown
109. My order went without a hitch and I received my products on the early side of the expected arrival date. The parts arrived in excellent condition and worked as advertised.

A heads up for people replacing screens on DS Lite: the aftermarket screens have a slightly warmer color temperature compared to the stock screens. If you are OCD enough to care about this, just replace both screens simultaneously.

Nathan, Caldwell, ID
110. Great products, and I love that they are in my home State of NC so my orders arrive here very fast. I replaced my DS touchscreen and it works/looks like original!
Thomas, Concord
111. This place is great! Best prices I could find anywhere on the net. This is my second order and I'm sure there will be more.
Richard, Elizabethtown
112. Just finished replacing my DS light game slot. Your video made it easy even though I only have what I consider beginner soldering skills. Not only did you save me from getting another DS light you made me feel like I accomplished something. Thanks.
Richard, Elizabethtown
113. Ordered a NES 72-pin connector. Transaction went smoothly, shipping was very fast and the product works like a charm. Based on this, I'll likely order from this vendor again.
114. i appreiciate the phone service very much. i was havin trouble with settin up an order and the lady that answered my call is great with customer sevice. thanks alot who ever u are;)
Cody, Texas
115. SNES controller.

Just got my replica controller today. Its a really great one too. Buttons and the feel of the controller is almost the same thing of the original. The directional pad is a little stiff and have to press down a little hard to get it to respond. I think i just need to break in the controller a bit.Other than that, Its a must buy.go ahead and get yourself one or two!

Joshua, Escondido
116. I ordered a power supply and it arrived before the time I was told, I am very pleased with the company!! The prices are very reasonable, and the how to guides are great!!
Michael, Santa rosa, CA.
117. Ordered Monday, here Wednesday, cleaning paste works wonders on old nintendo games, works perfectly again, even really bad ones that I couldn't get to work after I purchased them for as low as a penny :D
Clinton, North Carolina
118. I had to switch the housing of my pink Nintendo DS Lite because the hinge broke. From the Nintendo Repair Shop, I bought a replacement housing (red and black!) and a triwing screwdriver.

I was very happy to see that the housing came with screws in case I lost some from my original DS, because I ended up using some of them as well as the replacement springs for the trigger buttons. The housing itself is beautiful- it looks like a brand new DS Lite. It also came with a matching stylus and a border for the touch screen, which I really appreciated since I was changing the colour of my DS.

Also, Nintendo Repair Shop's video tutorial helped me greatly. I watched it a million times, and though there were some things I had to figure out via other tutorials as well as on my own, it was useful and gave me a good idea of what to do.

I'm grateful for the parts, housing and the tutorial. I love my red and black DS Lite! Thank you, Nintendo Repair Shop!

A Very Happy Customer :), USA
119. I would like to thank Brian and the staff at Nintendo Repair Shop for helping me relive my childhood. My nes console, controller and games worked perfectly.
Thank you, and I will be a long time customer.

again, Thanks


120. Geat product!!! Fast shipping!!! Finally a company that dosen't try to kill the customer with shipping cost
Dan, Chicago
121. Awesome quality products, cleaned all my NES games, N64 games, and with the NES total overhaul kit, fixed my NES. Will buy from again.
Billy, Ohio
122. hands down the greatest. quick shipping and their parts really work i have full restored my original NES we got in the 80's from bricked to full working first time no blowing in the cartridges holding the rest button and praying, condition. my friends and family sat for hours playing our old favorite classics. has a hardcore gamer, a retro gamer, and a collector i will use The Nintendo Repair Shop for all my future classic gaming needs be it there amazing cartridge cleaning solution to parts and pieces for consoles. fantastic five stars
Nick, altoona
123. Very happy with my purchases!. A couple of years ago, I had a flood and my Super Nintendo was underwater for 5 minutes. I quickly went online to see what I could do, and I saw your site. I ordered the security screwdrivers and managed to save my 18 year old SNES! I cleaned it and now it plays better than before! Thanks!
Will, Chicago
124. Just amazing, got it yesterday and havent stopped playing it, the NES you can kinda tell its used by just small amounts of ware but works just like new
Josh, WA
125. I ordered from you fro the first time. I bought a NES Game Cleaning Kit and NES Game Donkey Kong 3. The game worked great, and the NES Game Cleaning Kit cleans my nes games great. I would order from you again.
Chaz, PA, U.S.
126. i thought i would never get to play the nintendo entertainment system again.i loved it so much when i was a kid that i just had to have it back now i have the nes console and all of the games i had and more thankyou so much for caring about what you do you guys and girls are true professionals you care and that is hard to find keep up the excellent work customer for life chrislivingstone
Chris, leamington
127. Just received my N64 console order. The console looks brand new, works amazing! Playing both Zelda's and Smash on it now that it is functional. Fast shipping and amazing product! Used the game cleaning kit too and it worked like a charm! Will now come here for all classic and other nintendo needs! Thank you!!
Chris, Coppell
128. Delivery date of 5 days in France in conformity with my order, Great services and quality products. excellent staff.
Olivier, Sallanches
129. We couldn't be happier with the service you provided on our DS Lite. Thank you very much!! We will recommend you highly!

Jim, Medina, Ohio
130. I first came across this site while looking for a bit to open NES games I found in junk stores and such. So I could clean them up.

A couple days ago I finally broke down and ordered all the hard to find games Ive had no luck finding.

Customer service contacted me shortly after my order and told me one of the games I ordered wasnt in stock, It wasnt a big deal and they even let me a game that was a couple dollars more in price to replace it free of charge. They also upgraded my order to Priority Mail.

The customer service was extremely friendly and excellent! A++

So today I opened up the box and started going them the games give them each a quick once over. All the contacts had either been replaced or cleaned very well. I didnt get some gray screens while testing them but that could be my system itself.

Only negative thing (and its a small one) was the cosmetic appearance of some games. Some had magic marker on them, other had some sticky residue. I just had to take some time with an erasor and goo gone to clean them up.

If they took the time to clean them up on the outside Id give them an A+. Other than that I give them an A overall. Great customer service, fast shipping, contacts look great.

When I upgrade my system in the near future I will probably be back.

Thanks Nintendo Repair Shop!

Thomas, Kansas
131. Fast service!!!!! Will buy from again without a doubt!!!!
Johnny, Bedford Park
132. Ordered a replacement DSL touchscreen. The part arrived quickly and works perfectly. It's nice to have a place for parts that isn't on the other side of the globe.
Nathan, Greenfield
133. New 72 pin connector works perfectly. The Nintendo literally works like a brand new unit now.
Bil, Connecticut
134. I've recently bought (2) NEW Super Nintendo SNES Exact Replica Controller's, when i got them, i tested one of them on game of mine, and i was happy, cause my old are worn out and laggy, but the new ones work great job and a high five T.N.R.S.!
Darren, Texas
135. Ordered an N64 game and a cleaning kit. The game works perfectly, and the kit restored all of my games to working condition. I could not be more satisfied.
Tim, MA
136. Fast shipping, correct fitting ds lite parts, extremely helpful videos. This was my first time repairing my daughters DS lite hinge and upper LCD, no problems what so ever while following along with 3 part repair video. Definitely a preferred vendor. Will use again!!!!
extremely impressed with products and videos, Davenport, Iowa
137. ya'll are awesome.ya'll save me A big head ache.I love y'alls sevice it is great. keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mitchell, Kingsbury
138. Amazing service and support. Customer service was in contact every step of the orders process/delivery. Shipping and processing was fast. System and Game were in incredible condition and started up without any problems. Will order through Nintendo Repair Shop again.
Andrew, Illinois
139. Outstanding, placed my order on a sunday and recieved by wednesday repaired my nes and it works again. Thank you Nintendo Repair Shop
Scott, Ala
140. I got my system, a game cleaning kit, and a few games from you guys and everything is working perfectly. I would recommend this site to anyone who is serious about classic consoles and games.
Robbie , Indiana
141. We were VERY impressed with the service from start to finish. Communication was exceptional and personal. Service and shipping was fast and the final product looked GREAT. All for a reasonalble price. This was the best "personal" service I have ever had on the internet! Thank you from both my son and I.
Don, Norfolk, NE
142. got a replacement shell and a slot 1 circut for my nintendo ds lite. everything worked perfect. just happy i can play my ds again
robyn, fairless hills
143. Prompt, courteous service and constant updates on the status of repairs and return shipment. They quickly repaired my son's damaged DS and had it back to him in less than a week.
Joe, NC
144. Went above and beyond with very quick service.
Sean, CA
145. What a GREAT place to deal with! I had a number of questions that I emailed to the Repair Shop, and I received responses within a couple of hours in all cases. They made the transaction very easy. I purchased a refurbished DS Lite. It arrived on time, it looks like it is brand new and it works perfectly. I can't say enough about how pleased I am with the service and support. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them!!!!
Robert, Garden City
146. I have nothing but good things to say about The Nintendo Repair Shop. Everything I have ordered has worked perfectly the first time, everytime. They take the time to answer your questions and emails and are very fast with their response. The items you order come packaged safely and arrive faster than any other site I've ordered from. I can't believe I'm playing SNES again, and I will be doing business with this great little company for a long time to come. Trust them, they mean what they say and deserve your business. Thanks again.
Pat, Marietta, GA
147. Don't take this the wrong way but... I love you guys.
Chris Hughes, USA
148. Everyone all over the internet says this place is the best to get your old systems working and you did not let me down!!! =D
Manny, FL
149. No comments, just a thank you for having such a repair kit!I found your site by googling the blinking problem after resurrecting my NES from a cardboard box after 10 or so years of storage.
Amy, KS
150. This system is awesome! I now get to relive the fun! Shipping was very fast all the way to San Diego. I highly recommend Retro Duo. I am also very satisfied with the customer service at NRS. Ms. Marilyn rates 10 stars!
Cal, San Diego
151. I Just recieved my nes in the mail and wow, they did a great job of packaging it and the nes is clean and the games like new. It came with a new 72 pin connector and it works just like new. everything about it was awesome this shop just downright guarantees there products. If you don't have a nes and your planning on getting one don't trust any other shop but this one because they will do a good job at making you pleased.
Tyler, NY
152. My console went from hardly working at all to playing games on the first try every time. Some of the best money I have ever spent.
David, TX
153. If your a classic gamer and you don't have a Nintendo, then buy one here. The Nintendo works great! with a new 72 pin connector working adapters and controllers. It is like going back into time and buying a new one. And i assure you, that that there is NO other place with satisfaction guaranteed like this shop.
Taylor, KY
154. I am majorly happy with this kit. Before I got it, I suffered from a constant blinking screen with every game I loaded, now they're a thing of the past. It's a little over priced, and the instructions weren't included in the box, but after pulling the directions off the internet, the pins were real easy to replace. The game cleaner legitimately works too, you can see the black dirt on the cloth, and considering most games are around 20 years old, it's more than worth the money.
Devon, NJ
155. i have lost hope on playing duck hunt ever again, then i came across this site, it works flawlessly now. thank you NRS.
Jon, US
156. I recieved my cvontroller in 2 days no problems! The controller seems to work fine (but on 007 Goldeneye it is to sensitive for me) i will get used to it. it is a bit oddly shaped but includes all functions of the originals, along with a turbo button. i would reccomend these for anyone in need of a descent controller at a great price. about 15-20 $ for one compared to 40-50 $ at some sites.
Dom, FL, USA
157. Fast Shipping and Quality products at great prices. Keep up the good work Nintendo Repair Shop.
Ken, Canada
158. I got my NES pretty quickly and was pleasantly surprised to see it when it arrived. They did a fine job packaging everything with bubble wrap along with the styrofoam pieces as well. The NES works great and they even cleaned the game I bought with it. It worked perfectly on my first try. Highly Recommended if you don't have a NES, you'll get one that works just like new here. :) Thank you Nintendo Repair Shop
159. I've purchased several things for my beloved Nintendo. The cleaning kit, controller extender cables, and controller exention cables and they are fabulous! I love being able to sit across the room with the extra long extentioncables and play from my favorite chair. WOW, These guys are great. Thanks for helping me be able to fix my still favorite game machine out of all of them I own!!! I Highly reccomend this site for all your Nintendo repair parts and accesories!!!
Sherry, OK