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Retro Video Game Repair Blog

9/18/15 - Do we take credit cards as form of payment?

YES! You can do it through Paypal, no strings attached. Select Paypal as the form of payment; it will give you an option to use your regular credit card. You do NOT need to set up an account or userid with Paypal, it is just a regular credit card transaction. ... More!

9/18/15 - Send all repairs to new Edgewater Ct address, not old Westgate Rd. one.

Please be SURE to send all items for repair to our new 11805 Edgewater Ct. address, not the old Westgate Rd one. There may still be a spot on an email or the website with the wrong address. ... More!

9/18/15 - Can you repair my DS, DS Lite, DSi, 3DS, etc?

I am VERY sorry, but at present we are not accepting any new DS type repairs. My two best repair techs are no longer able to work for us, and we have not found and trained anyone new. We do sell a full line of DS repair parts, and have videos on our Repair Center for DIY repairs. ... More!

9/3/15 - NES 72 pin connector and NES Total Repair Kit are back in stock!

Is the red power light on your NES blinking? If so, it may need repair. Click on the How to Repair tab on the left end of the green bar across the top of our website, then NES Repair Resources, for an NES Repair Analysis and video, and instructions on how to repair your NES using our NES 72 pin conn ... More!

4/27/15 - Very nice NES system just in!

We have a refurbished NES that I just put up on the website. Case is in excellent condition. Has new 72 pin connector, is now working beautifully. ... More!

3/1/15 - Just in -- over 350 NES games!!

Bases Loaded 2, Super Glove Ball, Mission Impossible, Rolling Thunder, Legacy of the Wizard, Section Z, etc. And did you know you can sort the NES games on our website by name, price, or popularity, as well as use the search box in the upper right corner to find just the game you're looking for? ... More!

2/20/15 - We've moved! New address!

Our new address is 11805 Edgewater Ct, Raleigh, NC 27614.  If you are local in Raleigh, please call first, don't just drop in, to make sure I will be there.  Thank you! ... More!

2/20/15 - Just got in 122 SNES games!

Just got in over 100 SNES games, including Phalanx, Star Trek Next Generation, Jim Power Lost Dimension in 3D, Olympic Summer Games, Dennis the Menace, Drakkhen, Taz-Mania, etc.. Check them out at this link: http:// www.retro-video-game-repair.com /products/c41-used-snes-games/ ... More!

1/29/15 - 4 Great SEGA Games - Strider, Sparkster, Aerobiz Supersonic, Separation Anxiety

We just got in 4 of the more sought-after SEGA Genesis games.  Priced below market value.  Check them out!  Sparkster, Aerobiz Supersonic, Strider, and Separation Anxiety ... More!

1/8/15 - Super Mario Bros 1, 2, 3, and TMNT 1 & 2 NES games now in stock!

These go very quickly. They were sold out over Christmas, but are now back in stock. Super Mario Brothers 1, 2, and 3 NES games as well as Teenage Mutant Turtles 2 and 3, and some others such as Kirby's Adventrures, etc. ... More!

1/7/15 - Original NES Top Loader with Dogbone Controller now in stock!

Rare!  The NES Top Loader is prized because you never need to fool with blinking screen or jiggling the game around, just make sure you use our kit to clean your games. ... More!

12/17/14 - Still time to get it there by Christmas! select Priority Shipping!

Orders placed by 3PM Friday, Dec. 19, with USPS Priority Mail as the shipping method, should be delivered within the US in time for Christmas.  First Class Mail MIGHT make it in time, but the post office is not making that promise. Please do NOT select UPS Ground shipping unless you ... More!

12/17/14 - NES controller rubber pads, N64 mem exp covers, triwing screwdrivers back in stock!

NES rubber pad sets to repair your original NES controller, high quality triwing screwdrivers for DS Lite, DS, Wii, Gamecube controller, GBA game cart repair, and the little black covers for your N64 jumper pak/memory expansion pak are back in stock! ... More!

11/19/14 - Get your old N64 memory card working again!

Did you know that you can clean your old N64 memory card (controller pak) just like a game cartridge with our Nintendo Game Cleaning Kit?  The metal contacts in the memory card, that plugs into the butt handle end of your N64 controller, oxidize just like they do on the games.   Nint ... More!

11/14/14 - Retro Duo system plays NES and SNES games for just $39.94!

Looking for a great gift idea?  How about one system that plays both NES and SNES games, comes with two controllers and cords, and costs about half what just one of the original systems would cost!  And, it also will play Famicom (Japan) and PAL (European) titles, that your original NES or ... More!

10/30/14 - SNES motherboards for parts donors

Are you looking for a particular SNES chipset, a multi-out jack for your NES toploader modification, the power input jack assembly to repair your bad AC in, etc?  We have donor SNES motherboards available. Key motherboard in the search box, upper right corner of our website. ... More!

10/21/14 - Halloween Sale -- ALL games 15% off!

In the spirit of Halloween, have some fun with ghosts, monsters, etc. with the games below! ALL games are now 15% off, through Oct. 31. Use coupon discount code Hween15off when you view your cart. Use the search box in the upper right corner, or click on the platform you want (such as NES), th ... More!

10/17/14 - Cool Original Gameboy accessories and system in stock!

We have a very nice working silver GBA SP system along with a fun red Gameboy Camera that would be great gift for a child, Four Player Adapter, and N64 Gameboy Transfer Pak.  As well as lots of Gameboy and GBA games, all very inexpensive. We also carry replacement battery covers, lens covers, b ... More!

10/16/14 - Looking for rare games? Ogre Battle 64, Aerobiz Supersonic, etc.

Check out these rare games now in stock!  Ogre Battle 64, Aerobiz Supersonic SEGA Genesis, Tetris & Dr Mario SNES, A Nightmare on Elm Street NES, Super Mario Strikers Gamecube, and many more! Get them now for the holidays before the good titles are gone! ... More!

10/8/14 - All original N64 System Complete in Box! Fun Machine

This was sold for $199.99 when new. Rare to have a complete set in good condition. Great for collectors or a gift, get it now for the holidays! Only $69.99 for all Nintendo brand components with styro in box in great shape. ... More!

10/1/14 - Felix the Cat and King's Quest V cib NES games!

We just got in a couple of rare NES games. Get Felix the Cat, or King's Quest V complete in box fast, before they're gone. Like New condition, too!  And check out our other great NES games while you're at it!  All are professionally cleaned and guaranteed to work. ... More!

9/29/14 - Temporary Email problem, use this email

I have just become aware that emails sent to me at shipping@nintendorepairshop.com and customerservice@nintendorepairshop.com are bouncing back. Please use nintendorepair@gmail.com until this is resolved. We regret the problem and are working to resolve it as soon as possible. ... More!

9/24/14 - Working ROB NES Robot available!

We have a very rare working NES R.O.B. Robot available, with accessories.  This is priced to sell. ... More!

9/23/14 - Happy 125th Birthday, Nintendo !!!

Nintendo was founded 125 years ago, on Sept. 23, 1889. They produced handmade playing cards. They didn't get into videogame systems till the 1970's. In English, "Nintendo" means something like "leave luck to heaven." ... More!

9/16/14 - Just in! SNES system and games, NES and Gamecube games

We just got in a real nice SNES system as well as some great games for SNES, NES, and Gamecube. Check them out! ... More!

7/2/14 - Summer Sale on Retron, Retro Duo, C2, Retro NES systems!

We've dropped the prices on our Retron2, Retron 3, Retro Duo, C2 NES/SNES, Retro NES, and FC Mobile II systems!  Check out these sizzling summer deals! ... More!

7/1/14 - Summer Sale on SEGA, Gamecube, N64 systems!

Just in time for summer vacation, we've dropped prices on SEGA Genesis 1 and 2, Gamecube, and N64 systems! Prices start at $19.99! ... More!

6/26/14 - Pokemon X&Y Red 3DS XL in stock!

We have a very nice refurbished rare special limited edition Pokemon X&Y Red 3DS XL in stock. Like new condition! ... More!

6/20/14 - Working SNES 62 pin connectors now available!

We have 5 of the plug-n-play type in stock, cleaned, tested, guaranteed working. Hard to find, rarely available. Get them while you can!  See earlier post on cleaning your games and 62 pin connector first. ... More!

6/19/14 - Just in -- GBA SP battery covers in 4 colors

We have just received battery covers for GBA SP in blue, black, silver, and pink.  If you've lost yours, order one now!  Even if it is not quite the right color and that really bothers you, try spray paint, but at least it's better than taping those batteries in. We also have ... More!

3/3/14 - Cleaning or Replacing SNES Connector

We often get asked what can be done to repair an SNES console that doesn't play games, where you get a black screen, or scrambled graphics, or some other odd appearance. The FIRST step, of course, and THE most common reason, for SNES games not playing, or getting a black screen, is tha ... More!

2/22/14 - DSi Top Screen Repair

If your Nintendo DSi handheld system's top LCD exhibits any of the following symptoms, chances are you will need to replace the LCD screen with a new replacement DSi Upper LCD Screen. To perform this repair you will also need a triwing screwdriver. DSi Upper LCD Screen does not turn on. D ... More!

2/20/14 - How to Repair a N64 Controller Thumbstick

If you have owned a Nintendo 64 controller, chances are you have seen your controller thumbstick turn into a limp noodle; leaning to one side or another instead of upright as it should. To most, the first thought would be to look for a replacement controller, but there is another way! In fact, repai ... More!

2/15/14 - How to Repair NES System

The most common question we are asked is how can I repair my NES system. Fortunately the answer is relatively simple in most cases. The most common NES (the original Nintendo Entertainment System) issues are: Blinking red power light Blinking or flashing solid colored screen Solid colo ... More!

2/5/14 - Used SNES Game Cleaning

Remember back in the good old days when your SNES Games worked on the first try? Oh wait... that never happened! You always have to blow on used SNES games to make them work, right? Wrong. The solution is to properly clean your used Super Nintendo games periodically so the game contacts make a prope ... More!

2/5/14 - How to Fix a Super Nintendo Controller

If your Super Nintendo controller has sticky buttons, doesn't respond when you press the start, select or a or b buttons, DO NOT throw it out! Chances are you simply need to open up your controller and clean the contacts. There is also a chance that you have a worn out button or two as well. Wh ... More!

2/5/14 - How to Replace a Super Nintendo Game Save Battery

Learn how to replace the save game battery on your super nintendo games with our how to guide. Happy gaming! 1. Clean your hands thoroughly first. 2. With your SNES cart lying face-side up on a table, you’ll see the two hexagon bolts on the bottom two corners. Use your 3.8 mm security bit to re ... More!

1/18/14 - NES Save Game Not Working

I'll take a guess at why you are here: chances are you just made it out alive from the 3rd dungeon in Dragon Warrior, saved your game, went to grab a bite to eat, and when you got back your cat was all curled up next to your NES system. How cute. What is not cute is her pressing the power button, an ... More!

1/15/14 - OK to Blow on NES Games?

FALSE.  Surprised?  Blowing on a game cartridge before putting it into the console to clean off the dust is a popular method for "cleaning" a game and getting it to read.  However, you are actually damaging the game more and more each time you do this. Lots of kids have le ... More!

12/2/13 - Free N64 Give Away

Happy Cyber Monday!  The Nintendo Repair Shop is giving away a free N64 today!  All you have to do is be the first to find the second half of the coupon code on our of our game product pages, combine it with "nrsxmas" in the coupon discount box when you check out and we'll send you a fre ... More!

11/24/13 - Stuff your Stockings with Gifts from The Nintendo Repair Shop

Need some creative ideas for stocking stuffers this year?  The Nintendo Repair Shop is the perfect place to load up.  Help your loved ones spruce up and accessorize their Nintendo systems. Try our NES Total Repair Kit, some new USB NES and SNES Controllers, ... More!

11/20/13 - Start Your Christmas Shopping Early

Thanksgiving is right around the corner which means Christmas is on everyone's minds! Consider surprising a loved one with the gift of nostalgia this year for Christmas. Retro Nintendo products make great holiday gifts for nearly everyone. Check out some of our favorite and best-selling Christmas ... More!

11/4/13 - How to Tell Your DS Model

You need to know the correct model of DS for ordering the correct repair parts or repair service. Identifying the kind of DS handheld system you have is easy when you know what to look for. Use our easy identification guide below to determine your system model. Remember, when in doubt turn the ... More!

10/29/13 - Has your N64 controller pak stopped saving?

If your Nintendo brand N64 controller pak (model NUS-004, aka N64 "memory card") has stopped saving, there are 2 common causes.   1) The contacts on the little green circuit board inside may be dirty, usually from oxidation just from exposure to air.  These c ... More!

10/13/13 - New and Improved 72 Pin Connector

Do you remember when getting your NES to stop blinking or to just turn on required a "magic" touch?  Everyone has their own theories about exactly how many times you have to blow on the game, what precise angle you have to insert the game into the console, or even how gently you must push d ... More!

10/7/13 - Revamping your original NES

It happens before you even open your eyes. The thought seems to already be there, having waited all night for your brain to start registering your surroundings and become aware of the change of light coming through the window. You immediately get up, quietly though, in hopes that you are the first t ... More!

9/19/13 - Original NES Controllers Are Not Necessarily Better

Many of our customers often inquire about the difference between the Original NES Controller and the NES Controller Exact Replica that Nintendo Repair Shop sells. The video below shows that there is virtually no difference between the original and replica controller other than possibly quality. Th ... More!

9/12/13 - The Original Nintendo 64: Overlooked and Undervalued

Did you know that Time Magazine named the Nintendo 64 console their machine of the year in 1996?  Although many years have passed, along with several succeeding consoles, the Nintendo 64 remains one of our favorites.  The N64 comes along with some great classics in the gaming world, it h ... More!

9/9/13 - NES Game Battery Replacement and Cleaning

Are you having trouble saving your games? Your game probably just needs a new battery and possibly a good cleaning. Our step-by-step video shows you how to do this yourself or you can send the game into our shop and we will quickly solve your problem. Nintendo Game Battery Replacement Kit (t ... More!

9/2/13 - Nintendo 3Ds Will Not Charge

In this quick diagnostic video we discuss what to do when your 3Ds charger socket is damaged and prevents the system from charging. ... More!

8/26/13 - DSi Lower Screen Flash, Upper Screen Stays Black

In this Quick Diagnostic Video, we discuss the symptoms and solutions to a DSi in which when powered on, the lower screen flashes and the upper screen stays black. Stay tuned for more of our series on Nintendo DS diagnostic videos, which help you link your symptoms to viable DIY repair solutions. ... More!

8/26/13 - Follow Us on Google Plus Get 5% Off for Life

For all of our fans, we are now offering a FREE 5% off coupon FOR LIFE. That is right. If you follow us and +1 our site on Google Plus, we will post a 5% off coupon that you can use in our online store for life. In addition to free coupons and staying on top of our promotions, we also use Goo ... More!

8/25/13 - New Portable NES with 3D printing

Check out the cool new Portable NES with 3D printing!  We love that old school gaming still hasn't gone out of style! http://m.cnet.com.au/portable-nes-created-with-3d-printing-339345242.htm?redir=1 ... More!

8/19/13 - What to do when your Gameboy games no longer save

Are you having trouble saving your games with your Gameboy or Gameboy Advance?   The answer may be as simple as replacing the batteries.  Gameboy games can use either CR1616, CR2025, or CR2032 size batteries, depending on the particular title.  You can use one of our 3.8mm (f ... More!

8/11/13 - NES Handheld System FC Mobile II

  Check out one of our newer products. It combines the best of your favorite retro NES and Gameboy systems! Like a gameboy, the NES Handheld System (FC Mobile II) can be taken anywhere to provide you with entertainment in the car, walking between classes, or in a waiti ... More!

4/27/12 - Bending 72 Pin Connectors??

Some of you may have heard about bending the 72 pin connectors of your NES console to make it work again. This may help for a short time but it is a lot of work and does not last for long. And even has the possibility of not working at all or making things worse.  These syst ... More!

4/22/12 - Now Offering Gift Certificates

The Nintendo Repair Shop is happy to offer its loyal customer the option of spreading the love with a classic gaming promoting Nintendo Repair Shop gift card! Available in increments of $25, $50 and $100 these gift cards can be purchased and sent directly to the receiver's email address. Using the g ... More!

4/12/12 - Did Your DS Get Wet?

A common mistake typically occurring completely by accident, your drink spills, it gets dropped in the toilet or another form of water. You think your DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL or 3DS is completely ruined, but it may not be. Rice is not the best option to dry out your system due to lack of air flow. ... More!

4/8/12 - DSi Shell Replacement How To Video

This DSi repair video demonstrates how to replace a damaged or broken shell on your Nintendo DSi system. Follow the step by step instructions in our FREE repair video, and remember we offer all the repair parts listed in this video for what is typically the lowest domestic cost, which also means fas ... More!

4/5/12 - Are You Having Trouble Playing Your SNES Games

Are your games not wanting to play on your SNES?? Are you getting the dreadful blinking screen?? We can help!! Most of the time your games just need to be cleaned.  We would highly recommend our Game Cleaning Kit to open up and clean your games. This removes the oxidation from over ... More!

4/5/12 - N64 Games Not Playing on Your Console

Are your games not wanting to play on your N64?? Are you getting the dreadful blinking screen or nothing at all?? We can help!! Most of the time your games just need to be cleaned.  We would highly recommend our Game Cleaning Kit to open up and clean your games. This removes the ... More!

4/5/12 - What Kind Of DS Do I Have

Not sure what type of DS system that you have?? There are 5 types of DS systems. For us to be able to help you repair or get what you need or want for your system, we need to know which one you have.  Just because your child calls it a DS, doesn't mean that is the correct model nam ... More!

4/3/12 - Super Nintendo with No Power

Here are a few areas to troubleshoot when your Super Nintendo system will not power on. Typically when a system does not power on, it rarely is a problem with the console itself.  ... More!

3/20/12 - How to Fix a Stuck N64 Power or Reset Button

Ever wonder how to fix your stuck reset or power button, for your Original N64 System? Fortunately, the Nintendo Repair Shop makes this fix on your N64 system a breeze.  First you will need a 4.5 mm bit (+/- bit handle) to open your system. There are 6 bits that w ... More!

2/9/12 - How to Hookup SNES to TV

Having trouble hooking up your Super Nintendo SNES system to a TV? Don't fret, its one of those things that sounds simple but when you are dealing with an rf switch (they still make those?) or an av cable with a weird plug on one side, it can get a little tricky. Lucky for you the Nintendo Repair Sh ... More!

2/9/12 - How to Hookup NES to TV

Having trouble hooking up your Nintendo NES system to a TV? Don't fret, its one of those things that sounds simple but when you are dealing with an rf switch (they still make those?) or an av cable with only two plugs, it can get a little tricky. Lucky for you the Nintendo Repair Shop has your back. ... More!

2/9/12 - Replica Nintendo Controllers Review

Just as you squeeze the last ounce of life out of your used original NES, SNES and N64 controllers, comes onto the scene newly manufactured, look-a-like replica Nintendo controllers that look, feel and play just like the originals. Are they as good as the real thing? Check out our Nintendo replica c ... More!

1/21/12 - How to Fix a NES Controller

Do your Original Nintendo NES Controller buttons stick or not respond when you press them? It always seems you are at the most critical point in the game when that turbo button fails you. What would you expect? If you are still using an original NES controller, chances are it is almost 25 years old! ... More!

1/21/12 - Original Nintendo Games

Looking for used original nintendo games? Look no further, you have found the web's #1 source for all the best original nintendo gaming titles including mario, zelda and donkey kong used nes games, used snes games, and used n64 games. Best of all, our original nintendo games are all professionally c ... More!

1/17/12 - How to Fix Used Nintendo N64 Games

Ever wondered why you only see a black screen on your Nintendo N64 system? Do you have to blow on used N64 games to make them work? The fix is to properly clean your used Nintendo N64 games periodically so the game contacts make a proper connection with the system connector. Fortunately, the ... More!

1/15/12 - DS Lite Broken Hinge Repair & Shell Replacement

Alright gamers, back at you again to give a little how-to help for any of you with a functional DS Lite out there that may have broken hinge or beat up shell. First of all there is no need to scrap it for a new one since the LCD’s still work. The hinge shell can be replaced very easily - and you ... More!

1/8/12 - DS Lite Repair

If you are having issues with your Nintendo DS, DS Lite or DSi look no further, you have found the #1 source for DS related repair guides, products and services. We have a staff of repair technicians with several years of experience repairing Nintendo DS, DS Lite and DSi systems. In addition, we off ... More!

1/8/12 - NES Repair Parts

In need of the know-how and parts to repair your Nintendo NES console? You are in luck! You found the #1 authority on all things Nintendo repair (it is in our name afterall). And because you are so skilled in your search abilities, we will now share everything we have learned about Nintendo NES repa ... More!

1/8/12 - Used NES Game Cleaning

Remember back in the good old days when your Nintendo NES Games worked on the first try? Oh wait... that never happened! You always have to blow on used NES games to make them work, right? Wrong. The solution is to properly clean your used Nintendo NES games periodically so the game contacts make a ... More!

12/18/11 - How to Replace a DS Shell

What’s up fellow gamers? Today I am gonna try to give all you guys out there a helping hand replacing an old or broken shell on your DS.  First off, let’s get our tools together. We are gonna need a small Phillips screwdriver, a tri-wing screwdriver, and a small flathead can also be helpful ... More!

6/8/11 - DS Lite Game Slot Repair

If your Nintendo DS Lite games no longer play, chances are that your NDSL game slot/cartridge connector pins have become bent and the game slot needs to be replaced? Our FREE Nintendo DS Lite (NDSL) game slot/cartridge connector repair video walks you through the process step by step, so that almost ... More!

6/8/11 - DS Lite Touch Screen Repair

Is your Nintendo DS Lite (NDSL) touch screen non-responsive to your stylus? Is your NDSL touch screen cracked, scratched or otherwise broken? Our FREE Nintendo DS Lite (NDSL) Touch Screen repair video walks you through the process step by step, so that almost anyone can now replace the NDSL touch sc ... More!

6/8/11 - DS Lite Top LCD Repair

Is your Nintendo DS Lite Top LCD cracked, showing garbled graphics, or just not turning on? Our FREE Nintendo DS Lite Top LCD repair videos walk you through the process step by step, so that almost anyone can now fix their Nintendo DS Lite all on their own. We also offer all of the necessary Ni ... More!

4/28/11 - How to Fix DS Top LCD

New from the Nintendo Repair Shop Repair Studios, "How to fix a classic Nintendo DS top LCD screen". In this video, we should you how to open your classic DS system, take off the shell, replace a cracked, broken or black top LCD screen and put the DS system back together again. Feel free to post que ... More!

4/28/11 - NDS Hinge and Shell Repair

New from the Nintendo Repair Shop Repair Studios, "How to fix a broken classic Nintendo DS hinge/axel and replace the shell". In this video, we should you how to open your classic DS system, take off the shell, replace a broken hinge/axel or cracked shell and put the DS system back together again. F ... More!

4/2/11 - DS Lite LCD Repair Video

New from the Nintendo Repair Shop studios - How to Fix/Repair a Nintendo DS Lite Lower LCD Screen! Our customers and viewers have been asking us for new repair videos, and we are responding between now and the end of the summer by uploading at least one new Nintendo repair video each week! So, check ... More!

1/25/11 - NES Light Gun on LCD TV

What is the number one complaint with the Duck Hunt NES game? Not being able to shoot that pesky dog! No, really the number one complaint these days is that surprisingly this light gun based NES game will not work with modern plasma and LCD TVs. To understand why, lets take a look at how the light g ... More!

1/23/11 - DS Lite Orange Light Flashes

Due to popular response to our Ask DS Lite Repair Questions blog, we will be issuing at least one blog article per week addressing a common DS Lite repair problem. The Nintendo Repair Shop has always focused on providing the information our customers need for free, with the belief in mind that goodw ... More!

1/22/11 - NES Blinking Red Light

From a recent NES repair blog article, a viewer posted the following question: "Most of the time when I turn on my NES, the red light on the power button blinks on and off with the tv screen blinking solid white to solid black. This doesn't always happen. Sometimes I can play a game, but t ... More!

1/20/11 - NES Game Tray Wont Lock

Recently, on our Ask NES Questions blog article, a poster asked if we could help them fix the issue where the NES game tray will not stay locked in the down position. If you have repaired more than a handful of Nintendo NES systems, chances are you have run into this problem. Fortunately, in almos ... More!

1/11/11 - Ask DS Lite Repair Questions

Following up on our popular post Ask a NES Repair Question here's an opportunity for those of you who live and play in this decade to ask your Nintendo DS, DS Lite and DSi repair questions. We have the best repair staff in the industry standing by ready to answer your questions (and prayers), to h ... More!

1/9/11 - Why shop with the NRS

You have a few options out there for your classic video game shopping. So why choose the Nintendo Repair Shop? Its as easy as 1, 2, 3... 1. Quality parts with great customer service! We have real Nintendo Repair experts, from our founder to our repair personnel, deciding which products to sel ... More!

7/7/10 - Nintendo DS DS Lite Repair

So your Nintendo DS or DS Lite isn't working. What is the next step? Luckily you are in the right place. At the Nintendo Repair Shop Inc, we specialize in acquiring the best repair parts and providing professional repair services for Nintendo systems from NES to DS and everything in between (i.e., S ... More!