NES System Repair

Q: I tried to repair my NES system, but the screen still blinks, what do I do now?

A: Make sure you have cleaned your games with our Nintendo Game Cleaning Kit and have followed all the steps in our online repair guide very carefully, including cleaning the motherboard connector, both sides. In many cases you will need to thoroughly clean your games as well as replace your 72 Pin Connector to get your games working 1st time every time. We highly recommend using our game cleaning kit to clean your games. If you still have problems, contact us.

Q: I replaced my 72 pin connector, which fixed my unit for a short period of time, but now it isn't working again. What gives?

A: Make sure you have cleaned your games with our Nintendo Game Cleaning Kit and have followed all the steps in our online repair guide very carefully. If you use dirty games in a new connector, there is a good chance that you will reduce the effectiveness of the connector or even cause it to stop working all together. Don't worry though, replacing the connector is not expensive or time consuming, and we sell all the parts you need right here. Also, if you are sure to use clean games with a new connector, it will last a long time.

If you bought the connector from us, used games cleaned with our total repair or game cleaning kit, and the connector still stopped working visit our customer service page to submit a replacement request (if still under warranty).

Other System Repair

Q: What systems does your repair service cover? Can you fix my Gamecube, SEGA, or N64?

A: Unfortunately, due to the design and typical problem areas with these systems, we have chosen not to offer repair services for the SEGA, N64, Gamecube, Playstation, or Nintendo Gameboy systems. That is not to say these aren't ever worth repairing, as a matter of fact we offer repair products for many of the typical problems with these systems. The bottom line is that we are a small business with only a few repair personnel, and do not have the capacity at this time to staff, train, and support employees to offer a high quality repair service for the wide variety of issues that can afflict these systems. If you do have a problem with one of these systems, we encourage you to check out the appropriate system repair category or contact us if you still have questions.

Q: I get a gray picture full of static or perhaps swirls on my TV screen.

A: If you are using an RF switch (also called RF adapter or RFU) to connect your NES, SNES, SEGA, or N64 console to the TV, check the tiny channel setting switch on the back of the console. Make sure it is the same as the channel you have your TV set on (both either 3 or 4).

DS/DS Lite/DSi Repair

Q: How hard is it to repair my DS/DS Lite/DSi ?

A: This is not the easiest DIY repair project, but it's not impossible, either. Some repairs involve soldering, but a hinge repair does not, and a careful, patient DIYer can do this. Some tips:

Watch our DS Lite repair videos in the repair center all the way through first to learn tricks such as how to roll up the long flat brown electronic cable from the upper LCD and get it through the hinge cylinder -- it WILL save you time and frustration. Have the computer near the work area if possible so you can pause it and complete a step, then watch the next step as you work.

You will need a triwing driver for DS and DS Lite and a tiny phillips screwdriver (which we sell). A small needlenose pliers or tweezers will also be useful. A bowl or container of some sort to hold larger parts is helpful so they don't get knocked off the table and get lost. If you have any kind of large magnet, such as the round ones meant to hold pins for sewing, it is helpful to sweep the floor for that tiny screw or spring that jumped out of your hand.

Use a large, well-lit, clean work area, one that won't be disturbed for a couple hours, and spread out a large sheet of light colored paper like a desk blotter if you have one. Helps tiny parts show up better than against a dark wood surface.

Use a digital camera to take photos at each step of dis-assembly so you will remember how to put it back together. Helps you remember where the microphone wire should lay so you don't put a screw through it when you reassemble the shell.

Use a foot of masking tape sticky-side up to hold each tiny part you remove in sequence, helps in reassembly. Make notes if you wish, such as short black screw goes here, longer silver ones go there.

Be especially careful of the power switch on the DS Lite, it breaks off very easily. You need to pay attention to which position it is in when you re-assemble your shell -- it's in the videos.

And finally, be patient! We had one careful young mom do a DS Lite hinge repair in a little over an hour.

Q: What information should I be prepared to give when I call about repairing my DS system?

We have temporarily suspended DS repair services for all models. Our two best repair techs are not able to work for us at this time, and we have not found or trained anyone new.

A: When your DS type system is broken, sometimes the problem is obvious, such as it works great except it doesn't read games, it worked great until the battery ran down but it won't charge, it works fine except the touch screen doesn't respond when I tap it, etc. Other times, the system won't power on, and you contact us to see if it is repairable. Giving us the info below helps us expedite the process of repairing your system and getting it back to you as good as new.

1) What model is it? (Turn it over and read the writing on the back. Is it a DS. DS Lite, DSi, DSiXL, 3DS or 3DS XL?

2) What happens when you plug in the charger? Does the orange light not come on at all, flash once and go off, or come on and stay on?

3) What happens when you try to power it on? a) Does the green or blue power light not come on at all, flash once and go off, blink steadily, or come on and stay on? b) Or do you get a red low battery light at power on, instead of the green or blue light, and what does it do? c) Do either of the screens come on, even if it is just a split second of a flash of white? If so, which one(s)?

4) What happened to the system before it began malfunctioning? Did it get wet, or get dropped?

5) If the hinge is broken, or the upper half of the system is separated or partially separated from the bottom half, try to describe where it is broken, and if you see any ribbon cables or wires exposed. A digital photo here is worth a hundred words.


Q: How can I find if you have a particular game in stock?

A: To find a game the quickest way, key the name or a part of the name in the search box in the upper right corner of our website, and press enter. For example, if you are looking for Super Smash Brothers N64 game, key "smash" in the search box. Everything that is in stock with smash in the name will come up.

Our inventory of games changes daily as games arrive and are sold. If an item is in stock, it will show up on our website. If you don't find it on our website, that doesn't mean we never carry it, just that it is out of stock right now.

Popular and rare games are often sold within 24 hours of being posted to our website. If you are looking for something you can't find, you can send an email to the contact us section of our website and tell us what you're looking for. I will try to email you next time that comes into stock.

If you are looking for an item other than a game and can't find it through the product menus on the left, please email us at the contact us section. We try to answer those within a day or so.

Q: Do your games come with boxes or instructional manuals?

A: Those are available for some games, at a small extra charge. If we have them in stock, you will see a dropdown box appear when you are looking at the detail on that game. You can add the box, or the instructions, or both, or just the game, depending on what we have in stock.

If you don't see a dropdown box to add instructions and/or box when you are looking at a game, then we don't have it in stock right now.

All of our games have the contacts professionally cleaned, and are guaranteed to play.

International questions

Q: I live outside of North America (US, Canada, Mexico). Will your products work here (Europe, Australia, etc.)?

A: If you are ordering anything other than a system console, AC adapter power supplies, or game cartridges, no problem. Controllers, repair parts, AV cables and RF switches, etc. should work fine.

Q: Why won't your AC adapter power supplies, system consoles, and game cartridges work in Europe or other areas outside of North America?

A: North America uses a different electrical current than much of the rest of the world. The video output for TV differs between North America and some other parts of the world. US and Canada (and our games) use NTSC. In Europe, for example, it is PAL. You would need a converter to play our NTSC games on your PAL system, and possibly system modifications. Some game cartridges made for PAL systems physically will not fit in NTSC systems, and vice versa.


Q: How much does shipping cost?

A: Want to know how much shipping will cost? Calculate your exact shipping cost by adding items to your cart, selecting "check out", and proceed to enter in your shipping address. You will be able to calculate your shipping cost for any method you like in seconds w/ out actually ordering anything.
Instead of charging exorbitant prices for shipping as many online retailers do, the Nintendo Repair Shop maintains a live connection with the US Postal Service and UPS Ground to provide our customers with real-time cost-based pricing for shipping. We also allow our customers to choose from different domestic (US) and international shipping options, so you make the call on how quickly your order arrives.

Q: I live near Raleigh, NC, can I drop off my system for repair, or pick up my order?

A: We moved out of our retail location on Westgate Rd in Jan. 2014, into a private home. My neighborhood does not desire retail traffic, but if you live near Raleigh, NC, and need to save on time and shipping expense, I can accommodate those requests. You still need you to place the order online first. You will need to pay by credit card or Paypal online. We have no cash on hand to make change.

Please give me till noon of the next business day after you've placed your order to get any games or used/refurbished merchandise ready for you. Other items do not need lead time. Email me at retrovideogamerepair@gmail.com to make arrangements for pickup or dropoff.

If you plan to pick up your order or repaired system, to avoid being charged shipping, when you are viewing your cart, key freeshippping123xyz in the coupon field, then click on Apply, and go to Checkout. When you get to the billing page, be sure to select NC as the state, and check the box to ship to the same address. When you get to the Shipping page, you will still need to select a shipping method, but won't be charged for it. Please humor the program, it isn't really set up for free shipping, but this works. ;-)

Contact Us

The best way to contact us is via email at retrovideogamerepair@gmail.com. This is checked several times a day, and we aim to reply within 1 business day. 

The phone number 919-728-0191 is not a real phone. It connects to my personal cell phone from 9-5 EST weekdays. I apologize if this sometimes causes confusion as the call rolls over. 

If I am busy shipping orders or doing repairs, those take priority. Please do not leave a phone message, as those are not checked. Phone support is very expensive labor-wise, and most questions can be answered more efficiently via email. Please help us keep our prices low and use email if you can. NO changes to orders can be accepted via phone message -- please send an email to retrovideogamerepair@gmail.com or hit reply to the order confirmation email.