Mission Statement

Our mission: To help our customers reclaim the fun and excitement of their "video game playing youth" by revitalizing their old and worn-out systems and providing an easy to use online store that carries all the NES, SNES, SEGA, N64, Gamecube, and Gameboy games and accessories they desire. We hope you find our site helpful, whatever your needs. Thanks for shopping with the Nintendo Repair Shop Inc, and as always happy gaming!

Brian P. Coleman | President/CEO
The Nintendo Repair Shop Inc.


The Nintendo Repair Shop Inc. is dedicated to restoring classic Nintendo Entertainment Systems to working condition. To achieve this goal, the Nintendo Repair Shop has designed several unique services and products to help people around the world to get their NES working again. Our mail-in repair service and home repair kit for the NES have proven wildly successful with our customers. To date, the Nintendo Repair Shop has helped over 5000 customers repair and restore their NES system and games.


Beyond providing unique repair related products and services, the Nintendo Repair Shop guarantees to seek out desirable accessories for all of the classic Nintendo systems for our customers. We currently offer a mix of new and used accessory items that are hard to find, but necessary for a working system. The parts we seek out are of the highest possible quality, and are tested thoroughly before being sold.


Brian P. Coleman, the Founder & current President of the Nintendo Repair Shop Inc, fixed his first NES as a birthday present for his then girlfriend (who is now his wife - she must have liked the gift)! Dorky right? Well, her favorite game of all time is Super Mario Bros. 3, and her old NES had been out of commision for years. So, Brian did some research and tested a few used systems until he discovered the secrets to NES repair. Once he had fixed a few systems for other friends and family, he soon realized just how much people enjoyed playing their favorite NES games again. Before long, the Nintendo Repair Shop was born and has been expanding ever since.

In early March of 2006, The Nintendo Repair Shop incorporated and became The Nintendo Repair Shop Inc. The Nintendo Repair Shop Inc. is still dedicated to its original mission to restore each and every Nintendo Entertainment System to full working order. However, we have since added a wide variety of repair services for other games and systems as well as an extensive selection of classic gaming systems, accessories, replacement parts, and games.

The Nintendo Repair Shop Inc. is still a small company, however by early 2007 it had expanded to 4 part-time personnel and 2 full time employees. The employees at the Nintendo Repair Shop Inc. are highly motivated and work hard each and every day to bring classic gaming back to life for you, your family and friends; Brian wouldn't have it any other way!