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Nintendo Repair Tool Selection Chart

So many classic systems and games that are in need of repair! How can you possibly know what game and system tools work for each? By knowing us, that's how! Below you will find our all inclusive guide to finding the tool you need to get your favorite classic system and/or games open for repair or cleaning. Best of all, you can easily, and cheaply, buy all of these tools from your trusted source for classic gaming needs; www.Retro-Video-Game-Repair.com!

The Nintendo Repair Shop Inc.

3.8mm Bit 4.5mm Bit Triwing Driver Phillips Head
Nintendo / SNES / N64 Game Carts X
(Game Carts) Virtual Boy, Game Gear, and Some Gameboy X
Sega Genesis / 32X Carts X
Gameboy Advance Carts X
Post-NES Nintendo Systems (SNES, N64, Gamecube & Virtual Boy) X
TG-16 + Turboduo Systems X
Nintendo DS + Gameboy Advance + SP Systems X
Gamecube Controllers X
ALL Sega Systems X
Nintendo Entertainment System X