Customer Reviews

NES Total Repair Kit

Worked great!   
David  Texas, USA  7/31/2009

My console went from hardly working at all to playing games on the first try every time. Some of the best money I have ever spent.

Jon Mosicant  United States  7/19/2008

i have lost hope on playing duck hunt ever again, then i came across this site, it works flawlessly now. thank you NRS

This kit resurected my childhood   
Devon  New Jersey  8/5/2008

I am majorly happy with this kit. Before I got it, I suffered from a constant blinking screen with every game I loaded, now they're a thing of the past. It's a little over priced, and the instructions weren't included in the box, but after pulling the directions off the internet, the pins were real easy to replace. The game cleaner legitimately works too, you can see the black dirt on the cloth, and considering most games are around 20 years old, it's more than worth the money.

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Refurbished NES System

Good as New   
Tyler  Tyler Wicker  10/20/2009

I Just recieved my nes in the mail and wow, they did a great job of packaging it and the nes is clean and the games like new. It came with a new 72 pin connector and it works just like new. everything about it was awesome this shop just downright guarantees there products. If you don't have a nes and your planning on getting one don't trust any other shop but this one because they will do a good job at making you pleased.

Very Great   
Tyler  kentucky  4/5/2009

If your a classic gamer and you don't have a Nintendo, then buy one here. The Nintendo works great! with a new 72 pin connector working adapters and controllers. It is like going back into time and buying a new one. And i assure you, that that there is NO other place with satisfaction guaranteed like this shop.

JD  DE, USA  5/22/2007

I got my NES pretty quickly and was pleasantly surprised to see it when it arrived. They did a fine job packaging everything with bubble wrap along with the styrofoam pieces as well. The NES works great and they even cleaned the game I bought with it. It worked perfectly on my first try. Highly Recommended if you don't have a NES, you'll get one that works just like new here. :) Thank you Nintendo Repair Shop

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Replacement N64 controller

GOOD controllers   
dom  Florida  4/24/2008

These controllers may not be the original ,but work just as good. Altho the sensitivity takes some getting used 2 u cant go wrong with these controllers.

Good controller for good price   
dom  fl/usa  2/21/2008

I recieved my cvontroller in 2 days no problems! The controller seems to work fine (but on 007 Goldeneye it is to sensitive for me) i will get used to it. it is a bit oddly shaped but includes all functions of the originals, along with a turbo button. i would reccomend these for anyone in need of a descent controller at a great price. about 15-20 $ for one compared to 40-50 $ at some sites.

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Original NES controller

Nes Controller   
Ken  Canada  2/4/2008

Fast Shipping and Quality products at great prices. Keep up the good work Nintendo Repair Shop.

Everything has been perfect   
Sherry  Oklahoma, USA  2/23/2007

I've purchased several things for my beloved Nintendo. The cleaning kit, controller extender cables, and controller exention cables and they are fabulous! I love being able to sit across the room with the extra long extentioncables and play from my favorite chair. WOW, These guys are great. Thanks for helping me be able to fix my still favorite game machine out of all of them I own!!! I Highly reccomend this site for all your Nintendo repair parts and accesories!!!

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Retro Duo NES/SNES system

Great purchase   
Tyler  Kentucky  4/5/2009

This is the best nes/snes in 1 clone out there, it works great and has crystal clear s video.

Retro Duo   
CA  San Diego  3/25/2009

This system is awesome! I now get to relive the fun! Shipping was very fast all the way to San Diego. I highly recommend Retro Duo. I am also very satisfied with the customer service at NRS. Ms. Marilyn rates 10 stars!

A great buy!   
Matthew  Alabama  3/29/2008

This is as good as third party systems get. The US NES and SNES games work pretty well with it. (It is supposed to play imports as well, but I haven't tried them yet.) Sound and picture quality are very identical to the real consoles, which is impressive for a system such as this. I'm very pleased with this purchase. I will definitely buy from the Nintendo Repair Shop again!!