Order Changes

Please email (or hit reply to your order confirmation email) with any order changes. We check that email all through the day. This is much better than calling us -- our phone lines are only open 3-5PM Eastern time so we can ship orders and do repairs without interruption the rest of the day.  Do NOT wait till 3PM to call with an order change, your order will have already shipped. 

Delivery Pricing

Want to know how much shipping will cost? That depends on the weight of your order, the distance from NC, and the shipping method you choose.

Calculate your exact shipping cost by adding items to your cart, selecting "check out", and proceed to enter in your shipping address. You will be able to calculate your shipping cost for any method you like in seconds w/ out actually ordering anything.  If you don't like the cost, abandon the order without going to payment page.

Instead of charging exorbitant prices for shipping as many online retailers do, the Nintendo Repair Shop maintains a live connection with the US Postal Service and UPS Ground to provide our customers with real-time cost-based pricing for shipping. We also allow our customers to choose from different domestic (US) and international shipping options, so you make the call on how quickly your order arrives.

Delivery Time/Shipping Methods

Delivery time is the total of order processing time plus shipping time. Orders are "processed" (pulled for address verification and packing) the next business day after your order has been placed, and almost all will ship that same day they are processed. We send a shipping confirmation email to you when the order ships. That includes the USPS Delivery Confirmation ID# or UPS Ground tracking # for orders shipped within the US.  If the order is to be shipped outside the US, we include the tracking # in that email if you selected a shipping method that provides tracking.

Three shipping methods are available for you to choose from for shipping within the US:
  • USPS  (aka the Post Office) First Class Mail - available for packages under 13 ounces - usually 2 to 5 business days shipping time including Saturdays, depending on distance from NC - delivery confirmation tracking. This is like mailing a letter.
  • USPS  (aka the Post Office) Priority Mail - available for all weights - usually 2 to 3 business days shipping time, including Saturdays - with delivery confirmation tracking. This is the fastest shipping method to the western half of the US. Priority Mail to most locations in NC from Durham east is 1 day. Includes up to $50 insurance.
  • UPS Ground - available for all weights - 2 to 8 business days (M-F), depending on distance from NC, includes $100 insurance and full tracking, no Saturday delivery. This is the slowest method to the western half of the US.  Closer to NC, it is about even with USPS Priority Mail.
With First Class or Priority Mail within the US, you can check the delivery status of your package at under track/confirm by keying in the Delivery Confirmation id # we email you. 

For UPS Ground shipping, you can track your package at with the tracking # we email you.

For shipping outside the US, there is no tracking with First Class Mail International after it arrives at the Miami or NY international USPS sort facility, limited tracking with Priority Mail International, and full tracking with Express Mail International.

We also offer UPS Ground shipping within the US and UPS Standard shipping to Canada with full tracking and $100 insurance.

Please make sure that our emails from can get through your SPAM filter.

Please be sure to include your apartment #, if any, on your shipping address. You can put this on address line 2 if there is not enough room on address line 1. If the Post Office does not deliver to your street address, we will need a PO Box. Company name is only required if it is part of your shipping address.

We ask for your phone # only so that we can contact you in case of questions about your shipping address or the contents of your order, for those times when you don't respond to our emails (please check your SPAM filter). We do not use the phone # for any other purpose nor do we share the phone # with anyone else.

International Shipping

We ship via United States Postal Service (USPS) and offer 3 shipping classes, plus UPS Standard to Canada only. We must have a first and last name, no initials, for the shipping address. We have no way of verifying international mailing addresses, so please be sure what you give us is complete and accurate. If your country is not listed on our shipping menu, please contact us, we may be able to add it.
  • First Class International: very economical, for orders less than 4 pounds. The USPS quotes "varies" as expected delivery time, but in our experience, it is usually 7 to 14 business days, although it can be 5-30 days. No tracking except for mail pickup and arrival at the international sort center in the US.
  • Priority International: usually 6 to 10 business days. Phone # is recommended for the customs form. Some tracking - pkg is scanned when it leaves the US, and enters/clears foreign customs.
  • Express Mail International: usually 3 to 6 business days. Phone # is required for the customs form. Full tracking.
  • We also offer UPS Standard shipping to Canada, usually 7-8 days, full tracking, $100 insurance.  Phone # and email are required.
All customs taxes or duties are your responsibility. Customs handling can occasionally extend the shipping time.

Can I drop off my system for repair, or pick up my order?

Yes!  If you live near Raleigh, NC, you are welcome to do that to save on time and shipping expense, but we still need you to place the order online first.  We do not have a retail location, just a repair/shipping workshop, so we do not have cashiers or clerks on hand to assist you with the order or make change for your purchase.  You will need to pay by credit card or Paypal online, or select check/money order as payment type and bring that with you, or exact change.  We have no cash on hand to make change.

Also, please give us till noon of the next business day after you've placed your order to get any games or used/refurbished merchandise ready for you.  Other items do not need lead time. We usually have someone in the shop from 9-5 weekdays, but please email us at to let us know when you plan to stop by, to make sure we aren't all out to lunch, errands, or closing early. We'd hate to miss you.

If you plan to pick up your order or repaired system, to avoid being charged shipping, when you are viewing your cart, key freeshipping123xyz in the coupon field, then click on Apply, and go to Checkout.  When you get to the billing page, be sure to select NC as the state, and check the box to ship to the same address.  When you get to the Shipping page, you will still need to select a shipping method, but won't be charged for it.  Please humor the program, it isn't really set up for free shipping, but this works.  ;-)

Where are you located?  Can I come by and browse your games?

Our physical address is below. We are between the RDU airport, Brier Creek, and the intersection of I-540 and Leesville Rd.  Mapquest will give you directions to the shop.

Sorry, we are an online retailer, not a retail store where you can come and shop around or browse to look at the games or other merchandise.  We're just not set up for that.  But if you'd like to pick up an order or drop off a system for repair, we are happy to accommodate that if you place the order online first (see above).

6104 Westgate Rd Ste 129
Raleigh, NC 27617