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good but my nes only worked without pressing game down.

Erick - Ca/ USA
fixes 95% of issues
I originally bent my pins on my original connector and it lasted a year but then one of my non licensed games wouldn't go in and I ended up bending a few pins. This part along with some spit and polish gave my NES a 1UP and I Highly recommend it. Bending pins is temporary but this part made it like new!

Matthew - Chicago U.S.A
Cleaning & Repair Kit
I was shocked to see the kit in my mailbox on Monday when it was only shipped out on Friday! I changed out the pin connectors (with help from my husband) and cleaned a game...both EASY TO DO!! The game works great. I LOVE this company! The how to video was the best. Shows you exactly what to do. The only help I needed from my husband was some muscle. I have recommended them to my sister and her friends that still have a Nintendo Nes....thanks for allowing me to once again play a game system that I loved 20 yrs ago!

Diane - Florida
Works great!
Installed it last week and has been working well ever since. You have to insert the games delicately, but that only ensures performance and longevity. Thank you!

worked a treat
i just installed this part & now my NES works again. thankyou so much nintendorepairshop.com!!!

bob - australia
Like a Glove!!
I had a problem with my NES blinking so I installed this new 72 pin connector and now my NES works like brand new!! Also it was missing a lot of screws including the two longer silver screws, so I was able to replace all those missing screws! Thanx a bunch!

Ashley - Lancaster, Ca.
Works great. Even on a european NES
Got my package 4 work day arfter order all the way to europe. Everything worked great. Thanks!

Tomas - Sweden
From a broken NES to a brand new NES system
Lastly, I bought a broken NES system for about 20$, made in 1986. I cleaned motherboard contacts, disabled the lock-out chip and I put the new 72 pin connector. Now, the NES system works like new. Thank you very much to Nintendo Repair Shop!

Jean-Christophe - L'Épiphanie, Quebec, Canada
This part has made my NES work perfectly. It really is amazing that this place has such a perfect replacement part for such an old console.

John - Wilton, CT
Works like a brand new NES!
Lastly, I bought a broken NES for 20$ and I put a new 72 pin connector in the NES and it works all at once! Number one!

Jean-Christophe - Montréal, Canada
The best and easest thing to install. one problem i saw others having s with the game not staying down i have a soultion....when you remove the cover there are two screws that hold the front of the loader down, try loosing one of these screws and the test but pressing down in the middle as if you have loaded a game in. It worked for me and i have taken it apart 3 time now and hopfully the tals time.

ryan - louisiana
no more blinking.
This is the easiest and longest lasting solution to almost all of your nes woes. There was one minor problem with my installation though. It seemed that after installing the new connector, the cartridge was pressed down too far when inserted. I would have to lift up on it slightly to get it work just right. Later I devised a simple solution by just sanding down some pcb board (about 1/8th inch)to make spacers to fit under each of the two front cart deck screws. No more problems. This may not be a problem for every one, so minus one star for the necessary modifications. Over all a pretty good product.

Matthew - Oklahoma USA
72 pinn connector
Just wanted to say that this part worked like a dream. Replaced the old connector in 10 minutes and works like new. No flashing!!! Thanks for the prompt service and quick fix.

Yolanda - Ontario
Great product, my 4 years old daughter can now enjoy Duck Hunt as I did...
Received (here in France) one week after order. Fits perfectly my European PAL NES, and works as designed: Most of my games now run just fine while there were making my NES blink with the original connector. But some games need some contact cleaning as they work randomly. So I would recommand to buy the "Total Repair Kit"

Julien - France
A fix for your NES
I was previously having the blinking light problem with my original Nintendo. This 72 pin connector completely fixed my nintendo. It''s working like new! Great product and fast shipping!

Tristan - SC, United States
Excellent Product, stops the blinking and black screens, restores your NES back to 100% working order. Super Fast Shipping!!

Kenny - Ky
Makes your system brand new
Finally a product that fixes what ails your old nes friend. quick 15 min install and system is reconditioned to new so easy a caveman can do it and at a price so fair if you love your system you wont mind paying for it

TN/USA - Antioch tn
NES Like New
Fellas, I snapped in the 72 pin connector you sent for my daughters NES 001, put it back together, we pushed in a game and it works perfectly. Great job. How rarely in life do you actually buy something from someone you don''t know, get it at a very reasonable price, and it solves your problem perfectly. I tell ya, you made my day. 2 or 3 of the games still weren''t working so I ordered the cleaner kit. Now all the games work fine and my daughter is back in 1988, only she finds she''s much better at the games!!

John - Long Island, New York
Received my connector in reasonable time (I live in Toronto) and installed it right away. My NES which I purchased brand new in June of 1989 works like the day I bought it. Thanks NSR, you guys are the best...now if you can only offer Turbo Duo products. ;)

Kevin - Ontario
Ive owned my NES from new. It hasnt played this great since the day I brought it home. I recommend this 72 pin connector to anyone.

Cody - Georgia
These guys are the greatest. Got my shimpment to me quick, and installation was so easy. Thank you many times over.

Ronald - NY/USA
NES 72 Pin Connector
My NES works like a charm pretty easy to install, and it work great but the game is a little hard to remove i think once i losen it up a little it will be better.

Joey - Florida/Unitedstates
Absolutely fantastic
This Product is absolutely amazing. It has made my Nintendo work like it is practically new. I was born in 1989, so I dont remember a NES working so well!

Jordan - New York
Not Cure All But . . .
This item is great, but it's not the end all colution. There is a good amount of cleaning that MUST be done to all the headers of the NES mainboard and game cartridges for this to truly work properly. Also be sure to break it in with "newer" NES cartridges. As a side note, rubbing alcohol is NOT enough to clean. You have to get their cleaning kit to really get the nasty stuff off the metal headers.

Randall - TX
Great Item!!!
I bought my NES on EBay. When I recieved it was blinking and when it did work I could only play for about 10 minutes because the picture would get so messed up you couldn't see anything. I ordered this product and recived it in 2 days and I live in Califonia!! I already had my NES taken apart so when I got it the process took about 5 minutes. Now I can show my 10 year old son what video games were like in the 80's.

Wendy - Sacramento, CA
Received my 72pin connector very quickly. Installation was so simple anyone could do it... just remove a handful of screws, slide off the old one, and slide on the new one. My 100% broken NES is now like brand new.

Jonathan - Little Rock, AR
Easy to replace
The 72 pin was so easy to replace.... Great price and Would buy again from this company

Melissa - Idaho
Just Awsome
Fantastic worked great for me. After 10+ years of not being used it now works like a dream and its easy as pie to install

Spencer - Massachusetts U.S.A.
I bought this to fix my ex-girlfriend's NES, so that her current boyfriend can take the credit for it. The part worked perfectly, arrived quickly, and was reasonably priced.

Shannon - Maryland
Fun and Easy to Install
A couple friends of mine have an NES at their place, but it was very unreliable. So I ordered one of these, and stopped by their place to install it. It only took about 15 minutes, and now their NES works like new.

Brody - CA, USA
72 pin connector
fast fast fast delivery as promised parts and simple to fix my 4 year old is now playing with my old nes put in storage long ago thanks to brian

sean - san francisco ca
I love you guys
My NES hasn't worked for a decade because of the part. For about 5 years I searched for the part. All I could find was used ones. I went to yahoo, found this site. I gave up and thought I was going to get a used one. I opened the package and a brand new (new electronic smelling) connector was in the package. My old memories and NES is up and running. Thanks

Cytrine - USA
This is awesome. I couldn't see anything wrong with the old connector, but this fixed it right away.

Eddie - Canada
I've been having problems w/my NES for as long as I can remember. I purchased the 72pin connector and the cleaning kit. It just overhauled my system. Games work right away, w/out blinking screen. Thanks Nintendo Repair Shop!!

Aram - CA/U.S.A.
even better than new!
Thank you soooooo much!My Nintendo works even better than it did when it was new!And the instructions provided by this site are very detailed and make it an easy project that anyone can do.Thanks again!

Cynthia - Fairfax,Mo.
Blinking Brilliant
Repaired two redundant NES's within 20 minutes. Highly recommended will definitely purchase from The Nintendo Repair Shop again.

Peter - England
Buy this !!
Don't throw away your old NES! Save the environment! With the 72 pin part it will make your machine like new! Easy to install! Great website! Thanks!Jean

Jean - Minnesota, USA
I would highly recommend this repair kit to anyone wanting to fit their NES once and for all. Very good assisatnce too!

Tom - U.K
NES 72-pin connector
This fixed both of my NES sytems. Thanks!

Roy - Tennessee/USA
no more problems
well I'm going to say that if you nes is messed up buy stuff from hear,it took my 7 minutes to take it apart and install it and then but it back together and nothing but good has come from it

Travis - Louisiana
Great Product
I thought I was going to have to throw my old Nintendo away until I found this site. I installed the 72 pin connector in about 10-15 minutes. It's worked perfectly ever since.I will definately be back to buy more products in the future.

Nate - Pa
now your playing with power!
The 72 pin was the key to my old nintendo. Now I am able to play every single nes game i have. Thank you

Timothy - new york
repaired and ready to go
Awesome product. I popped it into the system, and it works like new. Can't beat the price either. I'm going to keep coming back here for nintendo parts.

Evan - Pennsylvania
72 pin connector
My NES works like new again since replacing this part.

Mike - Dayton,OH
I just want to sayb thank you very much for all the help finally i can play my old games again!! and my kids kan enjoy them aswell!!! im going to recommend this shop to all my Nintendo playing friends!!! Keep on Going Best wishes from

Christine - Kvinesdal Norway
Old Nintendo Running Like New
My very first system i thought i would never get it going again untill i got to this website. Best service and Great shipping rates even to Canada. I Can't say thank you enough.

Angelo - Ontario Canada
Great Product
Great Product, quick shipping

Will - OR
72 pin connector
I never thought my NES would

Mike - Dayton, OH
The nintendo works like new, great product, great service Nintendo Repair Shop is now the only place I will go for parts for my NES

Jeremy - WI/USA
72 pin connector part
Works like a charm!!! Been playing all my old games for the past 98 hours :D Blades of Steel arrives tomorrow! CHEERS!

Graham - Canada
There she is, ye olde 72-pin connector. I've been poking around the internet looking for that part for about a week now, but nobody had such a terrific price. I even went for the total repair kit, as the price for that was equal to what other businesses were charging just for the connector.

Ben - Wisconsin, United States
Perfect 72 pin !
My old NES runs as new! Installation was not difficult. Thank you so much. The price was fair, and i got the package really fast!

Jeroen - Belgium
72 pin connector
All the jiggling I used to do to get my games to work are over. Easy to install and my NES like new again!

Josh - Wa USA

New 72 pin connector
After replacing the original 72 pin connector with a brand new one, all my favorite games work like a charm, first time everytime. No more blinking red light or flashing blue screen. Thanks guys!

Nick - Illinois, USA
I am Born Again
I thought that she had died. I had let go and given up all hope. It was then that the Nintendo Repair Shop showed me the way. Like the Pheonix from the ashes, the NES was resurrected. I am whole again and I have the Nintendo Repair shop to thank. Shipping was also very fast. Amen.

Geoffrey - Ontario, Canada
NO B.S.! Belive it!
Everything is excellent! My Nintendo works perfectly, just as stated. No more blowing on the cartridge, wiggling, cleaning,no more pixelation, no more blue/teal screen, no more freezes just pop it in and press power. Works great, cant wait to buy more!

Art - California
Works Like New
After installing this, my NES worked like new! One piece of advise is not to try to break it in with 1st generation games (Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt)

Matthew Perry - Michigan, United States
I've been looking for this part for years
I bought my original Nintendo after a long arduous summer of mowing lawns to save up the $100 for a basic system in 1986, and now my step-son wants to play the same games I enjoyed as a boy. The typical problems have been plaguing my system for the last five years (bad graphics, sudden freezes, hard to get the game to load at all, etc), and the traditional remedies (

Ben - Missouri, USA
My system is like new now
I wonder how many NES systems are in the dump because someone didn't know about buying a new connector!!! I'm happy I found this site.

Sue - CT
72 pin connector
This new 72 pin connector immediately fixed the blinking power light problem. Installation was a breeze, and I was able to play games RIGHT after install. Shipping is fast and the price is cheap! You can't go wrong!

Blair - Florida/USA
Seriously, I was skeptical to purchase anything that

Nick - Michigan/USA
Product works great! Fast Shipping. No more blinking!

Matthew - Missouri
72 Pin NES Connector
My husband and I were so pleased when we found your site and very satisfied with the product. It was easy to intstall and it worked right away. Thanks again for the quick reliable service. We thought we'd have to junk our NES, but thanks to Brian we have a brand new system. A+++++++++ to you.

Philip & Tamara - Maine/USA
This part makes it work like new and the easy to follow instructions made it easy and simple. Thanks again.

Sandra - Puerto Rico
This part made my NES work like NEW!!

Paul - USA
Reviving Ninentodo NES
Thanks for your expert help in repairing my Ninetendo NES. Even though I did not see anything wrong with the 72 pin connector you said to replace it. A simple job and now my the unit works like new. My kids are enjoying playing all the games.

Tom - New York/USA
Works Perfectly
I just bought two of these and installed both in less then an hour. Both of my NES' work perfect. Game Cleaner also recommended!!!

Shaun - Canada
72 Pin Connector worked like a charm
After cleaning and fixing the pins on my old connector, it only worked about 80% of the time. With this new connector, every game works on the first try. Game carts go in very tight, and are a little harder to remove, but this is a good thing in my opinion.

Rick - Florida
Just as advertised
The part and FREE online instructions worked as promised. We repaired 2 NES boxes and they work like NEW. Thank You!

Lynne - NY
after i got it in my NES (which was easy as pie)it really did work just like new, i went out found some old games spent $86 worth and now play my back from the dead NES more than any other system i own WORTH EVER PENNY!

Greg - canada
New Pin Connector
Fast delivery! Easy to install! Now my NES works like New again! I love the 80s!

Lori - Texas
great item
Pretty easy to install; took maybe a half hour, and I went slow. Definitely a little tight at first, but it's already breaking in. Doesn't flash anymore, but some games still take a few tries; wish I'd gotten the whole kit, so I could clean my games with the special stuff. Good item, I recommend it to anyone; I hadn't played most of my games in years, and they all work great!

Bill - Rhode Island, USA
Worked Perfectly
Bought a used NES that was said to work perfectly. When I got it, I couldnt get anything to play. Came to this site, and they described exactly the problem I was having, suggested this product, so I ordered it and it solved the problem. If it wasnt for this site, I would have no clue what was wrong. Thanks much

Tom - PA
Great Product.
72 pin connector works great. Prompt shipment. Excellent. Very happy customer here.

Paul - Tennessee
Works great!
I ordered a new 72 pin connector from here about a month ago, installed it with ease, and now my NES works as good as new.

Patrick - Canada
No more blinking!
Thank you so much! The connector was easy to install with your help, and it worked right away on my NES!

Sheri - NC